Sunday, January 17, 2016

Seventy-Seven Sunset Strip

In 1958 a TV show called "77 Sunset Strip" opened, in it Stu
Bailey and Jeff Spencer were the  private detective heroes. 
 To tell the truth I only remember Kookie who was a comic. He provided some of the  fun, he was played by Gerald Lloyd  "Kookie" Kookson III a rock and roll loving wisecracking, hair-combing, hippy-type .

If you remember The Fonz of Happy Days and his duck Tail combing, Kookie did that  all the time.  It was cool in the 1950's. LOL

I said all that to say, I just finished the year of: "76 Trombones" now in age I am working on 77 Sunset Strip.

My 77th birthday is today. Thousands of my closest friends have wished me a happy birthday. Okay maybe that is a small exaggeration, three or four have wished me a Happy Birthday.

If my Dad was alive now, he would have just turned 113, three days ago. He always joked about being 3 days older than I, his youngest son.

He was 69 when he passed.  So let me tell you, I am appreciative of the years I have.  He always wanted more for his children than he had.  All his children were blessed. Now it is my turn, I wish more for my sons than I have had, that is in life, love and years.

Sherry and I have been a team. And by remaining a team thru thick and thin, we have been successful beyond our wildest dreams. So, here I am entering the 77th year of my life. I was born at home, like most kids of that time. And of course mama did not know if I was a boy or girl until the attending Dr. or mid wife told her. 

Shucks I know by that time they were tired of SHIRL (LOL) and welcomed a SWEET BOY! (Sorry Shirl! I didn’t mean it, it just slipped out! lol)  They were so thrilled with me they forgot to take a picture of me until I was three!  LOL
Then at 3 they tried to enlist me, they were so proud.

Now I face my Birthday, My Sherry promises me this is going to be good! I can hardly wait. WE had my Birthday dinner at “Harold Setzer’s Steak House” in Port Richey with son Mark yesterday.  Today I am requesting a Big Mac Or a Whopper! (or Chinese)

I love Birthdays!
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                                                                77cars above

The three above are 1939 the year mama and daddy were so happy!


Lisa said...

Speaking of duck tails. Do you remember those greasers called "Shan-na-na"?
Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Im sure Sherry will give you the best!!

Eat lots of cake!

Glenda said...

Happy Birthday Jack, and the best for the coming year!

Mevely317 said...

Happy birthday, Jack!!! That's so neat you and Sherry are getting to spend time with Mark ... and not so far from our old 'stompin grounds!' Say, if you're not too full this eve, why not check out one of my all-time favorite sandwich shops - just a little south of y'all in Palm Harbor called Lucky Dill (
... and no, I've no 'vested interest' there ... I just miss their awesomeness! (Smile)

betty said...

Happy birthday Jack!! Sounds like it could be a great day ahead with however you choose to celebrate it! Best wishes too for the year ahead to be one filled with lots of memories and great times with Sherry and family :)


~mel said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Enjoy that trip to Mickey D's. You better order off the dollar menu because those other sandwiches might be a bit large for an old codger like you :) Love and Hugs my friend. Enjoy you day!!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday Jack - 77 is the new 60 you know - you are as young as you feel and I know you feel young. I remember 77 Sunset Strip tho - even the song. I hope you have a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda :) said...

Happy Birthday!!! 😃

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday ! Hope you get what ever you wish for today !

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Don’t forget you are as young as you feel, years don't count. Maybe! I hope you and Sherry have a bless day.

Jackie said...

You have the sweetest spirit.
I can feel it.
I know that sounds silly, but I can feel your sweet spirit.
Happy birthday, my friend.
Happy, happy birthday!!!

Paula said...

I think I just saw you on Facebook but I'm still hoping you had a wonderful day.

Rick Watson said...

I knew your birthday was this week Jack, but I wasn't sure what day. I will put it on my calendar so I won't have to be reminded next year. I know we have never met, but I feel like we are soul brothers.
I hope this year is a remarkable one for you and your lovely spouse. You deserve all the happiness that comes your way.