Monday, January 11, 2016

Diesels can cause a pain in the side

(Sonny & I, at the Alamo, San Antonio.)

I haven’t been feeling like jumping fences or climbing trees 
lately. Sonny was about ten years older than I. Back when I used to call Sonny and asked how he was, if he was good he would say ‘pretty good’.  If he was lying and felt bad it was ‘Pretty good, pretty good.”  He repeated for emphasis.  I caught on pretty fast and it was a joke between us.

Me 'n Sonny in a camper on a hunting trip.

So this week I have been feeling ‘Pretty good, pretty good.’
        (Sonny & I at Tom Sawyer's Fence in Missouri)
 I do a lot of stuff about this motor home.  I am no diesel mechanic but I am mechanically inclined, so I get by. Lately this sucker has put out too much Blue smoke. I knew there was only so much I could do, so I did it. I added a heavy ‘Lucas’ oil additive in case it was burning oil, I changed the fuel filters and water separator, ‘just in case’.  I changed the BIG air filter also, hoping beyond hope that the air might be a problem, NADA.
I was under this beast trying to find the engine block heater. SOOOOOO I pulled a danged muscle in my side, high in the chest area, so it has been hard to breathe deep without that KNIFE in the side. Sometimes I don’t like getting old, but it is okay, considering the alternative.

Did I tell you we might not stay in Florida long this year? If I get the second Cochlear implant we will be back in NC in a few weeks. So if friend Hank is interested I will get him to look at it. Or take it to the Cummings place.

Oh yeah, one other thing. When WE pulled in to this park, a guy (Bob) walked over while I was in the process of pulling this muscle.
“Hey I noticed you have diesel problems. I think you have an ‘o’ ring blown on an injector, or the injector is bad.  Start-er up.
You hear that clicking?”  After he pointed it out, I did. “That is an injector. You shouldn’t hear it.”  “Smell the raw fuel?”  I really couldn’t, but I did not doubt him. “That shows the injector is squirting the diesel fuel in when the piston is going down, vs up.”

I acted like I knew what he was saying, and in a way I did, I do understand the engine. He said, “If you were going to be here long enough, we could fix that.”

As I type this, I am feeling better. I have ruled out heart attack, and pleurisy. (In my online diagnosis.)

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The 1939 Ford Convertible.  I just got an e-mail from Don. He saw one of these while out check his mail. ('39 my year, I was born January that year)


betty said...

Get it checked out if it doesn't start feeling better soon or starts feeling worse. Always safe than sorry! Hope you start feeling just pretty good soon!

It will be good to get the other cochlear implant; I hope though that the weather won't be so bad since I know you guys enjoy the warmth of Florida at this time of year :)


Sheila Y said...

I love that old tree at the Alamo. Sorry you are in pain, hope it is better soon. We be cold this week, may be a few snow flurries tonight. Be careful, Sheila

Unknown said...

Hope you get to feeling better. I don't know why you and I think we can do everything. We need to remember we are not in our 20's and need to be careful.
Looking forward to You and Sherry coming back home. Be Careful

Mevely317 said...

Ah, another on-line diagnose-ist! Not long ago, I (sheepishly) confided to one of Tom's physicians that my first instinct is Google ... instead of scoffing, he actually nodded and said something about that being a good idea. Maybe, perhaps, MD's prefer a well-informed patient?

... at any rate, please don't gamble and just listen to your instincts. OK? OK!

Lisa said...

Oh wow. This made me hurt just reading it. Like Betty said, get checked out. But then again....You just need to listen to Sherry, Im sure she knows the best medicine for ya.

Take it easy

Rick Watson said...

Jack- here's the rule of thumb. I'd rather see a doctor and not need him, than to need a doctor and not see him. That's all I'm going to say about that.
If you need any further medical advice, please feel free to ask :)

Jackie said...

Jack....You know that I have to worry. It's what I do.
Please, please....go and get checked out and make sure that your diagnosis and the doctor's diagnosis coincide. It's the smart and safe thing to do. Better sooner than later.
Love you and Sherry....and don't want you to feet "Pretty good. Pretty good."
I want you to feel "Pretty good."

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is not good news for you or for the engine. Hope you can get both of you fixed. I agree, if you aren't well soon, go see a doctor. Nice you get a chance for the 2nd implant soon. Take good care and feel better soon.