Friday, January 29, 2016

The daily Walk

Sherry and I make an attempt to stay in shape. One of the things we try to do daily is walk. We walk from 2 to 4 miles each day. We really  like to walk new places, but that is not always possible.  At the last park we had a great walking area. Walking  the whole park gave us 4 miles and worked out well.

(The view from our picture window (windshield) today)

This park is laid out around ponds, and canals. The walk around it is about 2.5 miles. So in search of a good place to walk to add to this walk we found a small beach area on the Gulf Coast.

 Florida hwy #44 dead ends a the Gulf of Mexico, this is what we found:

 This small beach  is what we found, not much activity today. 
 Below is the 'Black Skimmer.' I had to look up the name, I don't remember seeing this coastal bird before. They sorta lined up at times in juxtaposition. like Military birds. (smile)

Florida has some beautiful Gulf shore beaches. Some of the prettiest are along the Panhandle.  There are some nice beaches up and down the Gulf coast but you have to search for them.

Here we found these interesting paths to walk:

At the end of the board walk above was a nice fishing pier.

They also have a boat launch area (Not much usage today) and in the distance, a Nuclear Power Plant it seems. I didn't know that.

But no matter how many times I see a Crane or an Egret (no matter the species) I am amazed at their patience and poise.

This is the West coast of Florida. Florida has nice beaches on both coasts. BUT when you see the Florida beaches along the Atlantic you see something completely different. The Atlantic beaches are plentiful with larger surf than the Gulf. What took my attention on my first visit to  Daytona Beach, as a teenager, was being  allowed to actually drive on the beach. I had never seen that in North Carolina.
Nite Shipslog


 We saw this 40's Plymouth Coupe, on our way to the beach!
I drove this 1955 Chevy,  new in 1955, on Daytona Beach, I was 16 yrs old. It was my Brother in laws car. Dad had borrowed it to come to Florida.  I actually thought the Daytona stock car races were somehow held on the beach.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a beautiful place to walk. I enjoyed seeing that beach...I love beaches !! Nuclear power plants though always seem a little scary and I'm always glad when they are out of sight. We have one a couple of hours away from here that we pass when going to visit one of my sons. Glad you are able to keep up the walking. It's something I rarely do anymore. Most of mine is done right here at home going up and down the stairs. Especially in the winter.

Sheila Y said...

I love those Gulf Coast beaches. I remember walking the nature trails at Grayton Beach State Park and on the Bay at Rocky Bayou State Park. Take care, Sheila

betty said...

Great way to stay in shape with walking, especially to be able to have such pretty places to do so!


Paula said...

Pretty places you have to walk. After Mel had a stroke at age 45 we started walking every night for forty five minutes no matter what the weather. In very cold we wore those mask with just the eyes cut out. If we wanted to stop at a corner store we had to take them off so they didn't think we were going to rob the place. Sometime someone would stop to offer us a ride which we didn't take.

Jean said...

That's a pretty place to walk. I use to walk a lot, but not any more.☺ I do enough walking around the yard though. It has been pretty weather here today, and I worked some outside. Take care. Jean

Mevely317 said...

Yes, the Gulf coast has a feel all its own. I used to enjoy a place called "Honeymoon Island" (just north of Clearwater).

Honestly, I'm a bit surprised -- and delighted -- at how crisp and refreshed both of you look after that hike. (Me? Someone would probably think I was a candidate for the emergency room.)

Unknown said...

Like seeing all the pictures looks like a beautiful place to walk. When
you get home maybe we can start walking some.. Been busy doing my volunteer job. Doing paper work today and taxed my brain. I am ready to get in
my chair and rest. Hurry home...

Lisa said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk. These are great photos and makes me wish I were there. I could walk for many miles if I had lots to look at and talk about. Trails are always a mystery to me and I have to keep going just to see where they take me.

Sitting here in Gastonia