Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I have a new friend....... Ray?

We went to look at our pick this morning:

We arrived before the realtor looked around this jewel and decided this is it.  But no realtor! Phone call. "That one just sold, I will meet you at the next one."

3 of the 4 we picked sold before we could even see them. OUCH!
We had never seen pictures of the inside. It is sorta wild. the front door is on the left as you are looking. You  enter the living room 14x15 nice size. Just past the three large windows is the kitchen, small but neat. on past that is the closed in carport on the right. a large room with a bathroom. (could be bedroom or family room).

Walking back past the kitchen (between the windows you see) and turn right in the living room and you have a Bathroom on the right (Actually located behind the kithen on the house plan) straight back you go thru BR1 to get to BR2, allowing no privacy in BR1.  Not a good layout. BUT THE PRICE IS $57k.

Next is a 2BR one bath, nice yard and great storage, $74K. Occupied, good A/C. Nice layout.

We said good bye to Realtor Kathi and headed off to look around Deltona. Sherry wanted to go downtown. We could nt find it. I stopped at a Walmart for a map, nada. I asked a clerk where was down town. She called another clerk. "Do we have a down town?" 
" No!" She said laughing. I left and they were looking at me like I was from outer space

Deltona evidently is mostly a bedroom for Orlando and Daytona. (the down town is scattered shopping centers)

Anyway, The realtor had sent me a picture of a house on Dana Drive. So we went by. it was Occupied, we knew we could not 'drop in' but wanted to see the neighborhood.

Driving past we saw a house 'FOR SALE BY OWNER', why not. Afte a phone call we met RAY, His house sits on a half acre. Plenty of room for the RV. Good neighborhood.

Meet Ray, tomorrow!
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Lisa said...

No down town? No uptown either? Haha. Good luck again today. The friends you make are more importantant than the progress.

I like Ray already

betty said...

It pays to drive around! I can't wait to hear what happens after you meet Ray! I have a good feeling about this one!

Its nice to hear though that real estate is moving down there!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looking forward to meeting Ray. Interesting that they have no downtown area. But being familiar with the area you might move to is a good idea. Some places here in our area look nice but would not be where I'd want to live. Sad but true.

Unknown said...

I don't know how I miss your blogs. Hope you find a house that you like.
We are having hot weather here hope you weather is better.'

Paula said...

Hope your visit with Ray turns out wonderful and his house for sale does too. In my hometown when someone said they were going to town they meant San Antonio. Here when they say they are going to town I always wonder if they mean they are going to Main street where some businesses are. Or do they mean on hwy 97 where a lot of businesses are?

Mevely317 said...

That 'pass-through' bedroom would be a deal-breaker for me, for sure. What was that builder thinking, do you suppose?

Hope Ray's the real deal!

Jean said...

When I was growing up and some houses and apartments Grover and I lived in didn't have a hall. It went from one room into another one. We do have a hall hear.:) I liked the first house from the outside maybe Ray's the one you have been looking for. Wishing you the best of luck. Jean

Rick Watson said...

This search has to be frustrating for you guys. I know Florida is a realtor's paradise, but there has to be a place for you two.


a sweet house. sorry no deal.