Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Okay, I promised, My new friend Ray!

Ray met us outside his home. He politely put his cigarette out. "You must be Ray, I'm Jack, this is Sherry."

"Yeah I'm Ray, I talk a lot." His very words, believe me, that was an understatement.  I explained (when I could squeeze in a word) that we needed room for the rv.

No problem, he leaned on the fence to straighten it and unlocked a gate in the privacy fence.  This is a 1/2 acre lot (filled with stuff) enough concrete blocks to rebuild his house and scrap re-bar, (If you don't want this stuff I will get rid of it.)

He and his wife are moving to Tennessee. He is going to buy two big U-Haul trucks. His daughter was going to stay here but is now in Georgia.  They are moving close to her. (Memphis and Atlanta are sorta close) Realtors and investors have been driving him crazy to list the place or buy it but they want it for a song. I ain't letting it go for free. (It is 30 minutes and we haven't seen inside yet. WE learned why!)  Everything that is wrong with this house 'he has the stuff to fix it, piece of cake'. (He has been here 27 yrs, some of this stuff has been broke that long)

He relocks the gate.  The is a great community, no problems. but you know a community can go bad in a minute. He then 'unlocks' the house, goes inside and shuts the door. (Had to put the dog up) comes back and lets us in. The ceiling paint is falling (He'll fix that piece of cake) Now RAy is a good guy, but I am beginning to think my new friend is a hoarder. When we can just squeeze around to look inside the bedroom, which is FULL to the ceiling, the second the same (I mean full). The kitchen must be 6x8 (No room for a table too much stuff) and he says, " some houses do not even have kitchens, the house down the street they are asking $83k for don't have one. (The house down the street looks like a doll house and is asking $78K.)

If we don't buy his, he is going to fix these little things and ask $110K. We can have it now for $80K plus closing. The furniture is forsale also. I couldn't see most of the furniture.

He noticed me looking at the ceiling again, paint peeling. "I was told it was cheap paint, or a 'no paint' ceiling. If you don't buy it, I am going to scrape it, apply Kilz and paint it. then ask $110 for it."

To tell the truth Ray probably is a good guy. But I do think he is a hoarder.  Ray  said, "I am honest, some of these folks selling ain't.  But let me know in a week. or the price goes to $110 after I fix it."  

It does have a good A/C & a big lot!

Did I say motor mouth a few blogs ago? My new friend Ray is a motor mouth on steroids.

We now know the best brand A/C, washer, dryer, vacuum, refer and stove to buy.

Oh yeah, the 300 feet of privacy fence that is all leaning? Some folk put cement around them 4x4's, not me. When the winds come they just push it over, if they wuz concreted in they would snap and I would have to replace the 4x4's. (can't beat that logic, what does a leaning fence bother?)

Sorry I was a little misleading, but Ray probably is a good guy. We could not be invited to dinner though, because there is honestly no place to sit and eat.

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PS: We were both tired after the hour.

PS 2: Tomorrow reconsider the low priced house.

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Glad you told Ray you ain't buying what he's selling. Keep looking.

betty said...

Sounds like a nightmare of a house! Better to walk away than take on more troubles than you and Sherry want. We looked at one, even made an offer, but when the inspection report came back we backed out. The garage was so full of stuff you couldn't even see into the garage to determine what if anything needed to be done to it.

The right house is out there for you two, just need to keep looking and be patient :)


Lisa said...

Shake hands and leave this one alone. Sounds like a small money pit and he knows it. Go back 2 years from now and I bet it will be in no better shape and the fence will be on the ground.
Better luck tomorrow.

Paula said...

Oh my goodness. I used to know someone like Ray. Bet you two were tired when you got out of there.

Mevely317 said...

Whew ... that was a close call. (Chuckling!)
Keep on keeping on, m'friends!

Rick Watson said...

The road is long Jack :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What an experience that must have been. I think I'd rather go through a realtor than to take a chance on a private sale unless it was someone I knew.