Wednesday, July 6, 2016

On the Road, just going

On the road again.  Many times I just want to be on the road and like now, where we are headed doesn’t matter. But we are headed for Florida. Our first destination will be central Florida, not the best ‘tourist’ time to head for Florida, but this time we are hoping to find a better deal on a home , since it is not ‘tourist or snowbird time’.

   (The brown line is dead sod, it covers my ditch running power and water to the pier)

The last place we bought was on Lake Dora. I always thought I wanted to be on a lake. But the house we had was restricted, we had a 70’ pier, but the housing rules did not allow for boat hoists where we could lift our boat out of the water. That being the case, every storm would beat and damage our boat (it was an older boat but you still do not want it damaged). I learned something, if on the water make it a canal where it is not as likely to have rough water.

I do want to be close to a lake, we love to fish. We eat what we bring home and Florida Speckled Perch (called ‘specks) are just under halibut in taste, to us, we love ‘em.

      (In Florida you can have your own alligator in the back yard also)

Since our main body of family is in the Belmont, NC area, we want to be within 500 miles or a day’s drive.  That throws us near central Florida, Orlando to the Space Coast area; Possibly Daytona.

So the first stop will only be a shopping site, to  locate what area we want.

Tonight? we are in SC, we stop near the Georgia border when we head to Florida.

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1915 'T' model run-about  Just over 100 yrs ago!


betty said...

Half the fun of looking for a house is deciding where you want the house to be :) Second half of looking for a house is then looking for what is available in your price range with what you want as features :) It is neat these days to be able to pull things up on the computer and look at pictures of houses, etc., helps to narrow down things a bit.

Safe travels and happy looking!



Sounds like a plan. Have fun picking out a place. retiring those wheels at this stage of your life is a big deal. SAFE TRAVELS.

Lisa said...

How exciting! Hope you kids find a home in Florida. Its going to be fun just looking around.
Cant wait to read about the things you two see.

Safe travels

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like a great plan. Having spent so much time in Florida, you know what it's like and that helps. Best of wishes for a successful trip and hope you find what you're looking for.

Paula said...

Have fun and I hope you find just the home you can't live without.

Mevely317 said...

How exciting! This is better than an episode of HGTV's House Hunters!
Thanks for taking us along ... cyber speaking that is.

Unknown said...

Hope you find what you got in mind. Well maybe I will pack up and move
on down.. "RIGHT". I think I will stay put getting older and no fun
packing and unpacking. I have started down sizing closets only. Have fun
looking and we will stay in touch.

Rick Watson said...

Good luck in your search Jack. The right place is out there. We have friends in Gainsville. We plan on visiting them later this year.
Take care and travel safe.