Monday, July 25, 2016

Termites #2

(If you are from Florida you will know Truly Nolen Pest control. He was famous all over Florida for his antique cars parked 'everywhere', some featured here.)

After seeing the damage to the house I mentioned yesterday, I can see where in an area subject to termites a yearly checkup is wise.

Point to remember: A termite contract with repair clause WILL cost much more. Once you have the house treated, in 99.99% of cases you are good with only a yearly inspection with no ‘repair clause’. Like the pest control people I used, some do not have a 'repair' option.

At every construction site the ground will be treated for termites. At the foundation step of construction, the building inspector must see a certified stamp from pest control, before allowing any contractor to proceed. 

In the case of all the damage I mentioned yesterday, what appears to have happened, is a small wooden addition was added to the back of the concrete block home.  The addition may not have been treated.  It is obvious that the infestation and the building of a termite colony started there. That is where the door had fallen off.

Sherry and I do not have a pest control contract on any of our real estate (or wheel estate ;-) ), most folk do not because newer homes are treated well. However if you see any wood around your house, on the ground or out building with signs of boring insects, check around and find one of the boogers and see if it is a termite. Hey he ain't gonna tell you, but you can find his picture on the internet.

Imma tell you, if you go read about termites it will scare you. The pest control folk know what to look for and they know how to sell. For folk who live in areas of high infestations, a yearly contract is not a bad idea. Now there is something you should know. They ‘DO NOT’ treat your house every year, they will only treat it if they see signs of infestation. Too much of the poison (even under or around the house) ain’t good for you.

If you have lived this long without termite damage, you are probably good. This entry should not scare you as a home owner, but make you aware if you see a swarm of termites, catch one and ask it some questions. Then call the executioner.

Nite Shipslog

PS:  There are boring insects such as ants and the carpenter bee that will produce shavings/saw like dust, but can be controlled by across the counter purchases.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be scary to have those termites and since I'm not seeing any signs I guess it is a good thing. Your info could help someone and it's always a good thing to know what to do. Still hot and humid in Ohio. Hope you are staying cool there.

betty said...

Lots good info shared about termites here. They have Truly Nolen in Southern California too. I'm wondering if the pleasant temperatures there and in Florida are good breeding grounds from termites, yet none here in Phoenix when we had our house inspected before we bought it.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

My SNL used to work for Tomasello and sang in their commercials....

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for the good info, Jack!

Poor Tom! The minute he got home yesterday I began inundating him with questions and, "Are you sure?'s."
... 'Can't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure I heard him mutter something about 'someone' examining all the interior walls for tiny trails.

PS -
We used to see those yellow Truly Nolen beetle cars all over ... never an antique!

Unknown said...

Like the cars surprised he use them to advertises..It sure would get my attention. I will be on the look out for bugs that is what I call them. I guess I am OK...We could have kept cars and put them everywhere with Marks
name on them advertising his business. The only one I wish I had kept was
the Isetta..It could have been parked downstairs. Oh well as ole Frank's sings "THAT's LIFE"....

Rick Watson said...

good info Jack. We have centracon (?) which is a kind of bait. Our pest guy comes quarterly and checks for bugs. So far so good.

Paula said...

You got me to thinking.


Bugs in general bother me. But they have a purpose whether we like it or not.