Sunday, April 2, 2017

Teacher's Pet

I bet most of you never had a teacher that really liked you. I was one of the elite in my classes. I was always the teacher’s pet. I was one of the few she allowed to stay after school with her.
 (We had this type desk. There was still a hole for the inkwell, but of course we didn't use that we were modern)

During the day she would always find something small to keep in after school. Most of the time it was really nothing. stuff like shooting spit wads, tossing small wet wads of paper, talking in class or carving my initials in the desk top with my pocket knife, you know little stuff. But I knew she liked me.
I am sure she thought:
Jackie can:
1.       ….Wash black boards better than anyone.
2.       ….Dust erasures the best.
3.       ….Knows how to empty the pencil sharpener without getting the filings on the floor.
4.       …..Appreciate our afterhour’s talks,
5.       AND she also appreciated my hand writing. Many times she wanted me to write something a hundred times.

Along that vein, if you paid attention, which grade lead did you prefer in your pencil, #1, #2, or #3?
For some reason I preferred #3. It was the hardest and would hold a point longer. But it also made a lighter mark.
  My 7th Grade in Valdese, NC, Mrs Melissa Grill, one of my favorite teacher ever, she and I spent a lot of time together)

Every post in a journal or Blog has a reason,  something spurred it. This one came from a pencil I was using. There are a few of my Company pencils still around. I was just using one and I could hardly see the lines it made, I realized they were #3 lead.  Now,  I prefer #1 or #2 they make a much darker line HA!  (eyesight and Age huh?)

Jackie of South Georgia, has a blog 'Teacher's Pet', she comments here at times.

Okay, Imma ask who else was the teacher’s pet?
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PS: A little better signal today!

 These are 1946 cars. Buick top, Dodge below. I started school when these were knew. Not sure if it was 1945 or 1946 when I started. Well, that is, I KNEW they were NEW!



Thanks for the smiles tonight. I was not the teacher's pet.

Mevely317 said...

LOL-ing at your #5 ... x 100!!! :)

Only once was I a "teacher's pet" -- but 60 years after the fact I still recall the inordinate pleasure I had from hearing my second-grade teacher, Mrs. Peters saying what a great reader I was. How I loved Mrs. Peters and even invited her to my 7th birthday party ... and, she really came!
Thanks for helping resurrect a great memory, Jack.

betty said...

There is nothing like a #2 pencil in my opinion, LOL. I'm thinking we might have different interpretations of what makes a teacher's pet :) Never one myself. Had a cousin that was well thought of by the teachers in the school. The mothers of the students in her class were not happy about that. They felt she was the "pet" because she was adopted (and so she was, but that's why she wasn't the pet, she was just a kind person, etc). Kids bullied her and said she was only the teacher's pet because she was adopted. Her parents hadn't told her she was adopted (this was in the 1950s). Mortified, she thought she had committed some great sin. When her parents told her what adopted meant, she accepted it, had no questions about it and remained the same kind person she was, as well as the teacher's pet :)


Paula said...

The only time I was the teacher's pet was when I wrote my initials on the restroom door facing. Then she thought I could scrub with a rag, water, and soap better then any other student. Cute post Jack.

Lisa said...

Im thinking you probably really was the teachers pet or at least one she remembered the rest of her life.
Its amazing the things you can do with wet paper wads. And my teacher loved my handwriting too! Haha.
I do not think I was actually a teachers pet but they sure did have to spend a lot of extra time with me.
I've never used anything other than #2 pencils when writing.

Yaay for signal!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

#2 lead in a mechanical pencil is my choice. No longer buy the other kind at all. Don't think I was ever a teacher's pet, but I certainly had some I liked more than others.

Glenda said...

Actually I was often a "teachers pet", my second grade teacher especially adored me :) I was a good student and well behaved just like you!!!

Unknown said...

I guess I was just a chip off the old block. I was a teacher's pet also. Haha

Jackie said...

Sweet blog post.
My fondest memories of some of my teachers have to do with the fact that they were caring and loving teachers...and they wanted to make sure that each one of their students learned.
I hope that I was that kind of teacher to each and every one of my students. I have been retired for several years now, but the chalkdust never really ever leaves our veins.
Sending you and your sweetheart many hugs,