Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pea' CANS and tough people

Historical picture:
 Flood of 1916 took all the bridges over the Catawba River in the state except one.

Now is the best time to think of a short trip. We have been in the back yard for over a month. We will shut off the water, lock up and head for the Wildwood Florida area Tuesday.

We skipped one or two years, but my girl has ordered some Georgia pecans from her cousin Ralph in South Georgia. We will drive 4 hours one way to pick up 50-75 pounds of ‘cracked pecans’. WE also get to Ralph who is 90 years young and his sweet wife, Geneva. Both of them still able to drive. Ralph still drives to NC for a visit at least once a year.

It seemed unusual but I do like the name Geneva. It was Sherry’s mama’s middle name: Susie Geneva (Hawes) Harris.

We have some strong people in our families. They made it through TOUGH times. Sherry’s Mama and Grandmother are tops in my mind. I have mentioned it before. Sherry’s grandmother Lettie Hawes raised 8 children, living in a converted tobacco house after her husband deserted her. Her family picked tobacco for kin until she left the tobacco  in Eastern Carolina and took a bus to Belmont, NC. The family crossed the wide Catawba River by boat. That was the year of the flood that took out all the bridges. She made it there to work in the cotton mills. The kids worked in the mills also. Susie Geneva went to work when she was 12. She passed away in my arms with two of her girls by her side, at 61, way too young.
               Susie Geneva's early home
Sherry, Collette, & Lennie on the last trip to see the old home of their mother, near Nikina, NC.

Cousin Ralph is the son of Raleigh, one of Susie’s brothers. He is the Pecan guy, now living in South Georgia, the area Geneva (his wife) is from. They met while he was in the USAF stationed nearby.

We eat pecans (sometimes almond slivers) most every morning in our cereal. Oh we have the ‘country breakfast’ every once in a while, but we think for our age and health the cereal is best. I put raisins in mine and Sherry opts for blue berries. If black berries were available I would opt for them.  LOL
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Okay to our wonderfully made body:

It is a fact that people who dream more often and more vividly, on an average have a higher Intelligence Quotient.

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Pecans:  Now that is pronounced: Pea’ cans (Like a cans of peas) if you are in South Georgia,  certainly not P’cahn.

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1916 Ford touring car. New the year of the Historic NC floods. (The floods were caused by back to back hurricanes that year)


Paula said...

We call em' pa-cons. John has two pecan trees. One squirrel was visiting so he had the neighbor put tin around the truck of the tree. John doesn't pick them up so I don't understand why he doesn't let the squirrel have some. lol I too like almonds or some other nuts on my cereal. Have a good trip on Tuesday.

betty said...

I'm a "pa-con" type of person myself when pronouncing that word. I do remember your trips to get the pecans in the past. Sherry came from good stock and the lessons learned have helped you both be successful in what you have attempted to do together and as a family.



i call them P’cahn's. love them regardless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Pecans are my very favorite nut but I never thought to put them in my cereal. I'm going to have to try that soon. Our folks were tough people and lived in tough times with the great depession that changed life for many. Shows what people can do when they have to. My mom and dad told many stories of what their families went through, but what I learned is that money doesn't make for happiness. They didn't have a lot but still had some good times too.

Dar said...

We were picking P'cahns in TX under my daddy's favorite tree 10 yrs. ago when we got the news of his passing to the great orchard in the heavens. We eat a lot of them, as well as almonds and cashews. My daughter and DIL are allergic to walnuts so they are never in the house, but they can eat other that's just ' Nuts.' Sherry's Mama's home was tight quarters for 8 kids but look how close they all grew up to be. Life is a gift!
love n' hugs from up north. The heatwave in the 30's is still happening and we are enjoying it. Allergins are behaving so I can breathe again. ':-)

salemslot9 said...

the old home
still standing
love it

Rick Watson said...

They tore my old birthplace down when they built the new highway. It wasn't on the roadway but on the ride of way so they tore it down. But I know within a few feet of where I was born.