Tuesday, November 14, 2017


The Historical picture of the day:
Jewish prisoners liberated from a death train in 1945, Definitely some happy folks.

Florida today:

Technology, what a challenge to the senior citizen. We have a Verizon Modem to connect to the internet since we cannot have a land line. The little modem is about the size of two fingers.  It has its own cell phone number. We have had it a few years and it is getting old and it’s contacts are getting bad.
 Our set up. The table is our kitchen  (all purpose table) The printer is at the very end atop the printer is the little modem, you see it up close below. The moveable contacts are getting weak. (I have a colorful sponge figure holding it up)

So I took it in to Mr. Verizon. Sorry sir, we cannot fix that, it is out dated… BUT we have this replacement, a super duper little thing that will replace some hardware, it is battery powered and completely wireless. COST? FOR you sir, longtime customer, $30. WOW
What if I don’t like it?
Return it within 14 days, and for a $35 restocking fee you are back to square one.

(It is the small oval shaped thingee) 
I did not like it. Now Imma thinking. It cost $30, if I turn it in it will cost me $35.  I cannot see paying $5 above the cost of the device to return it. So I guess I will keep it and have my old device re-installed (whatever that means). The replacement is not as good as my old sick one. So it is in the drawer saving it for back up. Something about this deal doesn’t make sense.

It is a cute little thing, but did not do the job.

I asked Sherry if she would like an e-tablet. She said,  ‘I told you I did. Somehow I missed that. So while I was talking to Mr. Verizon I asked about the tablet. They just happened to have one sale (can you believe my luck?) (ha), so I bought Sherry one. She is happy with that one so I won’t be taking it back. LOL.

I have already ordered a replacement for our sick little modem, I love Amazon. LOL
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Medical fact about this wonderfully created body of ours:
The fastest growing nail is on the middle finger.
(Now that you know, make sure you leave all your fingers extended when you tell and explain this, just sayin’.)

Nite Shipslog
 We moved today. No longer in the back yard. we are near Wildwood, Florida


Mevely317 said...

Yes ... I just extended my hand and glared at my middle fingernail. LOL!

'So absurd what Verizon (and others) are charging for pieces of 'magic plastic' ... destined to be obsolete by next Christmas. Still, we stand in line.

I'm glad to hear Sherry's happy with her tablet. We've but Amazon Fires, but they're keeping up with our needs.

PS - Darn, but what I'd have given to have you beside us a few days ago while we were debating the merits of certain houses and their foibles. Yes, your name was mentioned ... more than once! LOL.

Lisa said...

Tell Sherry I love my tablet. I have an iPad. I used to have a netbook (little laptop) but now I do everything from my tablet. You can get a wireless or USB keyboard to use if typing on a screen is not your thing.
my iphone is giving me problems so Im thinking of getting a new iPhone 8 or x but they arr somdarn expensive.

Im thinking if you paid 30.00 for that modem and to return it is 35.00; then there was probably going to be some sort of monthly fee you would have had to pay .


betty said...

I love Verizon but when something is outdated, I have found they really don't want to work to try to fix the problem but are more than happy to try to up sale you to something new and improved they might have. The tablet I use is 4 years old. Tried to get a charger for it one time when I forgot to bring the charger with me on a trip, but was informed by Verizon they no longer carry it since its outdated. Things indeed become outdated so very soon by them I fear. Glad Sherry liked her tablet!



it is hard to keep up with all the technology changes, it's true. glad sherry likes her new tablet.

Anonymous said...

Technology has got increased so much now a days.It would be a challenge for the senior citizen to come with it. But it is good to know about them)

Dar said...

lol, I know a guy who says he lives off the grid, out of the system and then moved in with his mother.....he may have something.
Technology moves sooooo fast....it's impossible to keep up with it. The one thing that really does bother me is that there just is no privacy left. Life in our fast-paced world goes on.
love n' hugs from up in our northern wild. It's another nice day at 36 warm ones. The big guy is getting ready for a week at the cabin with his sons so he's living ' his exciting rush.'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's very hard to keep up with technology and I'm thankful that right now every thing I have is working, from my phone, my tablet and the computer. I hate it when you have to start over again with something new. Glad Sherry is a happy camper and that you found a replacement to keep you on line. Amazon has everything it seems. Hope you enjoy your trip out of the backyard. But your are lucky ones, no matter where you go, you are still at home!