Friday, November 17, 2017

Whats the STORY?

Historical picture:
Remember the Berlin Wall?
East Berliners showing the grandparents in West Berlin their grand children.

Now about Story

 My mind wanders as I drive. We drove to Valdosta, GA today to pick up 91 lbs of Pecans. Sherry paid $150, already cracked. It was 91 pounds before the cracking. I love to watch this cracker. There is a fan blowing on the nut as it is cracked and most of the shells are blown away, so the weight is much less after cracking (And MUCH less work).

This is one of the 5 paper bags.

There were 5 bags total. Tonight we did one bag. Separating the remaining shells and nuts. Sherry bagged the ‘goodies’ (nuts). We got 13 pounds (mostly halves) out of the first bag, 90% are solid halves. At the store that is approx. $130 retail.

Anyway on the trip I thought of the word ‘story’. I am told in most languages a word means one thing. But we English speakers know that is not so on our language.

I know what a story is. It can be a little white lie, an interesting tale, or my puzzler, a level of a house. The one ‘story’ or two ‘story’ house. The 50 story sky scraper also fits in.  I asked Sherry to write it down I wanted to remember to look it up.

Was it taken from a two level house that had two wild stories about it? Hey baby, there are two stories in that house over there!  Lemme tell you.. yada da da da dada da.

The history of the building level. I never did get a clear reason that ‘storey or story,’ was used to describe a building level. I did learn that it was between the years 1400 & 1500 it began being used. The origin was in France. It just occurred to me that using one level and two level would have served the purpose. Anyway we live in a one story motor home. (but there are a lot of stories contained in here.) LOL

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That fact about this wonderful body!

By the age of 60, most people will have lost about half their taste buds.

(Mine ain't all gone, Sherry still tastes good to me!)


Nite Shipslog
I saw several cars on the interstate but could not get a good picture of the classics, but one looked like this:
That '55 T bird


Mevely317 said...

Good question, Jack! I'd hate to be a foreigner trying to grasp the (American) English language.

My DIL was just remarking on the rising cost of pecans. I remember thinking "what a nuisance!" they were back in '77 when my former DH and I lived on a lot chock full of pecan trees. Wow, the things we take for granted.

betty said...

Enjoyed reading Myra's comments. Reminded me of a friend in the Southern California area who had lots of avocado trees on their property. They were always giving away the avocados and had such an abundance. Always glad to be the recipient of any they brought our way.

Yum on those pecans. A favorite nut of mine. I think if shelling them I would be eating more than I was bagging!


Paula said...

Interesting about the taste buds. John uses catsup on everything. I think that is because his taste buds are shot and I think that is because he smoked for years and it killed them. Just my opinion. Today he was going to put catsup on a baked potato. No way did I let him do that.


that's alot of pecans. good thing you didn't have to shell them yourself.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those pecans look wonderful. Lots of good eating there for sure! I now live in a one story house, but for most of my life I had stairs to climb. I may not get as much exercise as I once did, but believe me when I say I do not miss those stairs. Hope you are enjoying your trip out of the backyard. It's a wet dreary day in Ohio but I do have a party party for two of my grands to look forward to.

Dar said...

Oh those pecans look wonderful. When we'd go to TX we'd always pick and shell bags full of them. I do miss that part of eating them, even tho our hands would turn green and black from the ones still in their jackets. Yum~~~
We have 2 stories, and the basement. My sewing/craft room is upstairs and I could spend hours there.
love n' hugs from way up north. It's snowing the fluffy flakes.

Lisa said...

I will be on the search for pecans soon. I use a lot of them during the holidays. They are so dog gone expensive.

Im pretty sure I lost some taste buds on my hot tomato soup today.

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