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I am always amazed at how small and how large this world is. I spoke at Sherry’s graduation class and asked, “What are the odds? Two boys not kin, being born a hundred miles apart and  become friends at the age of 10 in a town 80 miles from here; and then one family moves to another part of the state. Then 6 or 7 years later both boys’ families moving to the Belmont area. To top that they meet and marry girls in your class. The girls had never lived outside of Belmont; and only one boy attended your school for a year and a half.”

That happened to then my best friend VonDale and me. I married Sherry Harris and a little later He married Rose Adcock. Neither of us had kin or friends in the Belmont area growing up.

In the past few months I was contacted on FaceBook by a friend I was stationed aboard the USS Independence with many years ago. “Are you the Jack from OZ division on the Indy?”  He was from Erie, Pennsylvania when I knew him. ‘Ski’ as he was called then was DS2 Malanowski. A computer repairman in the Intelligence Center.

He has lived in Deltona for many years.  We bought here a couple years ago, amazing.  He is coming over in the morning for coffee.  I am looking forward to touching base and hearing about his life.  He is now a Protodeacon in the Catholic Church.  I did a little checking and saw a picture of Governor Scott giving him some kind of award,

Living in the same town with someone I knew in 1968-9 aboard ship. Of the 5,000 men aboard I probably knew 40. That is amazing to me.

Once, traveling out west we met a woman living in Tuscan, AZ. She asked where we were from and Sherry said, North Carolina. “I have a sister that lives in a little town in NC, you probably haven’t even heard of it, it is called North Belmont.” Not only is that Sherry’s home town, we knew her sister.

Coincidences, you have any?

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jack69 said...

Well I went to settings and deleted my e-mail address. saved it. left the site came back and reentered my e-mail address and still doesn't work. This first e-mail did not work yesterday. I am wondering if Ma's does.
I enjoyed all your comments on P-nuts yesterday. You guys are the best!

betty said...

Small world, isn't it? Glad you'll be connecting with an old friend. Technology has helped us reach out and meet up with people from our "youth."


Lisa said...

That is a really cool story of coincidence! It is a small world. It seems everytime we stop and talk to a stanger, it ends up we both know some of the same people. I met a girl from GA at a Nutrisystem Photo shoot in Florida, My next door neighbor went to college with her mother. I always find these coincidence fun to hear.
Hope you get your blogger emails back to normal. Blogger makes me mad sometimes.
So far mine still works. Unfortunatly YOU and one other person are the only ones I never get a comment notification from but I always come back to my post and look at my comments each day. I would hate to miss one of your comments.

From Rainy Gaston

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a small world after all. It always amazes me that I will see someone I knew in completely unexpected places far from home. So nice you could connect with someone from years ago. and nice too that he remembered you. That means a lot.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

In answer to your question on the comments made in order to get an email on comments , Yes. As long as I remember to click the box Email follow up comments.

Mevely317 said...

Very same thing as Lisa said … about not getting notification from your comments, that is. Weird.

See! Your situation is one of the GREAT reasons not to abandon my Facebook account. A few years ago I was able to reconnect with my kindergarten BFF; and even a little boy I used to babysit.

I can't think of any cool coincidences like yours. My parents, however, ran into someone daddy worked with in Los Alamos … while on a ride at the Montreal World Fair!

Dar said...

It's wonderful you are rekindling a friendship from so long ago. Life is full of little surprises. Just today a friend read that her husbands great grandfather had passed away on the same day just hours apart. Coincidence or a God Wink. I believe in the God Winks.
love n' hugs from up north where it's been a long, weary day

Dar said...

oops, they died on the same day 100 years apart.

Chatty Crone said...

My parents were divorced - my dad lived in LA and my mom here in Atlanta. They both died on the same day - 15 minutes a part - my dad in LA and my mom here. I was in the room with my mother and my sister called and told me dad had died in LA. True.