Sunday, April 28, 2019

#8 Continuing,THE MAN in my Life

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Dad, next to last:
My dad loved Sunday School. I think he loved kids because his childhood had been tough. His promotion of Sunday School knew no bounds. I remember (before it was considered pollution), he had a pilot take him up in a small plane and then threw thousands of circulars out inviting everyone, especially kids to church.

He gave away prizes to kids for attending. He gave away ‘ducks, chickens, candy, rabbits and on other occasions a pony, then a car. The VW Beetle was the only foreign car we southerners knew, but he found an English Ford, and gave it away at a drawing for attending Sunday School.

I remember once he rented a Wrecker and a wrecked car. He had banners made saying something like, “God can get you out of any wreck or ditch you find yourself in.” They drove it around all day in our town.

Daddy took some friendly kidding (and some not so friendly) at his ideas. When our church was running about 120 in SS Dad had a special day and gave away the pony. 850+ people attended, blocking traffic in our small community. Later I remember hearing a minister ask Dad, “Hey BF, how many of those 850 continued?” Daddy put on a sullen, sad face, “Our average only went up about 75 in attendance,” then he smiled and asked, “By the way, how is your church doing?”

I never heard my parents ‘talk bad about anyone in our church.’ But I remember one talk I heard (eavesdropping)  between daddy and a young evangelist during a revival. Over coffee that evening, “Son, if that is the only type of sermons you have, I will pay you the week’s salary, but I will finish this revival. We had some new people here tonight and all you did was take shots at how they dressed and the make-up the ladies were wearing. We will never see those folks again, and I won’t blame them. These people are mill workers. They work hard, they do not deserve to be beat over the head, this is a REVIVAL, a time for encouragement. Some of those people went on to the 3rd shift and are working as we sit here. Think about it and let me know in the morning.”

What I overheard I did not know until much later the good advice my dad gave that young preacher.

My Dad, considered his members, his family and part of the Family of God.

Yes, he was the best man I ever knew, and I miss him and his wisdom.
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Did I read that sign right
Notice in a farmer's field:

 Sherry and I  actually read one like this in Vermont while hiking the AT.
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NanaDiana said...

Your dad sounds like a great man. I love the stories about him and the life he lived. A wise man for sure.

My dad was not "religious" at all. I don't remember him ever attending a church service but he lived his life with a quiet dignity that showed God's love for everyone. In his later years he would sit out under the old elm trees with his panama hat on and people would stop by and sit a spell to soak up his wisdom. I miss my dad, too.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you don't get charged by any bull. lol xo Diana

Mevely317 said...

Your dad's advice to that young evangelist made me grow goosebumps all over again! I wanted to stand and applaud. (*smile*)
His outside-the-box promotions sound great; they probably put many a marketer to shame.

Woody said...

Good Posts, I lost my Dad when I was 35, I don't think we ever get over this loss ! Your Dad sounds like a "Good Man" !!! Enjoy yourselves, sending love down your way, Gary and Anna Mae

betty said...

That was so true of what you dad said about Revival. Encouragement for sure is what is needed during those times, not condemnation in any form. Wow, he gave away a car in relation to Sunday School! Never heard of such a thing before! Great man he was!


Lisa said...

I love what your dad told that preacher man. He was 100% right on.
I know you miss him and cherish everything he did. He was a great man.

Heading to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your dad was a very wise man indeed. We all need encouragement rather than put downs. I have to say that our church's attendance isn't what it used to be, but I think that is happening all over. It's not our pastor's fault either, he is always warm and welcoming and encouraging. It really does make a difference.