Friday, April 5, 2019

Erasing Squeaks

Trucks of Art
 I believe this is an International but I think I could live in it!!
Squeaks, especially in the floor drive me nuts. I built this place 25 years ago. It has been rented out many of those years. I think we lived here maybe 4-5 years. I say that because I know we do not stay anyplace long. I know it is hard for many people to understand, but we have lived longer in the motor home than any home in our 62+ years of marriage. Don’t get me wrong, I love this place and hope I can stay and be satisfied here, but………

Sister Shirl lived here for the last 10+ years. No matter what went wrong, she would say, don’t worry about it, I am okay with it.  But being back in this house the floor squeaks got on my nerves. The squeaks were worse in the kitchen and master bath.

Being a handy man I tried from underneath using every trick I knew and did no good. Finally in frustration I solved the problem, I screwed right thru the sheet vinyl floor covering every six inches into the floor joists. Silence! Great. Of course it didn’t look too cool with 70 screw heads showing in the kitchen floor. (HAHA) I liked the design but I knew it wouldn’t fly with my Sherry so I just finished laying oak floor laminate over the kitchen floor. My knees are SORE!

Next will be the bathroom floor. I am using the same oak laminate, it is water proof so works well in the kitchen and bath.
 Presently there are only about 6crews to see if I could silence the squeaks. I will add about 26 more before covering the floor!

I only have a few screws here just to make sure it would work. I will add many screws before I cover them. LOL
This is what I call fun.



Woody said...

We live in Senior Housing, a wood frame, 50 unit 2 story with 2nd floor wooden floors built in 1984, they SQUEAK a lot, they hired a man 5 years ago, he removed the carpet, sanded down the floor joints and used 1 1/2 sheet rock screws to draw the floor down then put grey liquid floor leveler down, lasted about 1 year and the floors came back and heaved enough to Squeak ! They recently came in with a man who said he could fix the squeaks, he said nothing could be done with them !!!! Oh well, our floors are concrete and don't squeak, the neighbor over us is small and does not walk around much !!! We are just Blessed ! Take Care, Stay Warm, Blessing from the North Country ! Gary an Anna Mae.

betty said...

But if it is so quiet, how will you be able to hear the robbers when they break in? LOL :)

The floor does look good! I'm trying to think if we have any squeaks here. I don't think we do.


Lisa said...

We have a squeak in a spot of our kitchen floor. Drove me crazy but Nick said it works as a little alarm if someone is walking through the house.
I can't sneak into the kitchen anymore.

From over here.

Jean said...

Your floor looks good I like the wood look on the floors I had my kitchen floor recovered last year and started to go with the wood look, but my walls in my kitchen is wood and I was thinking it would be to much.

Mevely317 said...

Ha! Now I'm envisioning the old A-Team character, Col. 'Hannibal' Smith crowing, "I love it when a plan comes together!"
Sooo glad you're having a good time, Jack. Thanks for inviting us into your pretty home!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love the new floor and am glad it is much quieter now at you house, but oh my, I bet you knees are sore. They do make knee pads and I'm thinking you need some before you do the bath floor. Happiness is having something to do and something to love. As long as you are living there might as well make it the way you like it.

Dar said...

Another job well done, Jack. I'm not at all surprised Mr. Handyman!~again I say, you and Bill would make a great team. He spent the day helping Andy work on his project....welding the frame for the kayaks that fits over the box and cab of his truck. It holds 5 kayaks. They'll have a great camping/kayaking summer for sure. As for those squeaks, we still have one where an old time floor register used to be. It's had new floor boards replaced twice but insists on letting us know it won every time we step over. Can't win them all and that's ok.
love n' hugs from up north where it drizzled all day but warm in the upper 50's. And yes, we still have plenty of snow