Sunday, April 14, 2019

I was WRONG (again)

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Lately I had a minor surgery. In and out, nasty incision but had no problems and there was NO malignancy, simply skin cancer. But Imma have a great scar, looks like it was done with a rusty knife in a ‘western book’ knife fight, COOL, huh?

But since the appointment (even on ths blog) I have bad mouthed doctors. Saying I was sure this Dr. would want to check for more places he could ‘fix’.  He did NOT do that. He simply said “If you have any other places that bother you and think they need attention, I am here.”

I am not giving him a clear bill of health, because he does not have a sense of humor and would have terrible bed-side manner methinks. LOL

One other thing that surprised me. I was told that the incision area should never be covered but to apply Vaseline a couple times a day.

As I left the Doctor said, continue to apply Vaseline for a few days. Imma thinking, ‘is Vaseline the new wonder drug?’

I tried to brag about my BIG SCAR, and got laughed at by all the old codgers at the seniors meeting. They started telling me of weeks of surgery, Open heart, brain replacements, leg transplants and new knees, etc. I felt like I had told them I had taken an aspirin or had a finger prick!  ;-)  Old folks ain’t no fun sometimes.

Lisa said in a comment, "I notice the mispelled word, just after I hit send...... Ain't that the truth!!


Mevely317 said...

Naw … nope. I'm not believing you're wrong. (Me thinks that doctor needs one of those brain transplants you mention.)
That's sure interesting about the Vaseline ... but wouldn't that cause a bad sunburn if you're not careful? Yep, hearing old men (and women) comparing their 'war wounds' is entertaining. In the end, I suppose everyone just wants/needs to be heard.

Glenda said...

Read with surprise the Doc advising Vaseline, but hey, we grew up with not much more than Castor Oil, Vicks Vaporub and Vaseline in medicine cabinet, that and Iodine tincture would cure everything along with a prayer! Hope your scar is healing beautifully...hugs from Chobee.

betty said...

Glad you are on the mend and it was nothing too serious that had to be taken care of. I would have thought to keep the wound open and dry, not to put Vaseline on it unless he didn't want it to dry up too much.


Jean said...

AS I have mention before Grover had many skin cancer cut or burned out and by different doctors, they told him not to put anything on the incision. He never had any problems. I think its just the way different doctors work. Maybe when it heals up it will look better. Take care, Jean.

Lisa said...

My mom used to put Vaseline on all of my scrapes. I think it is more to keep the incision area soft so it does not get dry and pull open. Vaseline will help minimize scaring too. I guess he is pretty confident that his chop job will not get infected.
Im glad your ok.

I laughed when you said “brain transplants”

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My sons and my DDH always loved to show off their scars and compare them too. It must be a guy thing. Ha! Vaseline has so many uses and it's an old time remedy for many things, but I'd never heard of using it on a surgery before. Learn something new every day!

Dar said...

When I had the bone in my ear replaced so I could hear, the doc said to put a gob of Vaseline on a cotton ball, put it in my ear with every shower to keep it from getting wet or infected. I thought it was strange but it did work. I can hear again. that's most important to me. I've had many surgeries with scars as long as a new #2 pencil but it doesn't, by any means, bypass open heart surgery scars or the one son Stacy has from when he was nearly cut in half. The main thing is that a little scar is a small price to pay for 'improvements', right. I'm glad you're healing. Always sending prayer power.
love n' hugs from up north where the sun is shining on our day. LOVE IT!!!!


glad the surgery removed the bad spot. hopefully the vaseline will do it's job.

Susan Kane said...

Is there anyone our age that hasn't had some sort of surgery?! Big or little, I have had them. But no vaseline was part of the treatment!

It has been ages since I've seen iodine.