Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Work and Exercise

Trucks of Art
  An old Packard delivery van, sorta looks like a hearse!

I wired the Honda CR-V for towing. It took me too long. But I came in that night and informed my girl I could still do a day’s work, it just takes a day and a half or two days to do it. LOL

My girl can set a schedule and stick to it. I am pretty halfhearted at that, I admit it.  I ‘plan’ to exercise regularly but I do not exercise every night. I have gone weeks in between.  This time I am doing pretty well, I think I have been 7 days straight. LOL.

It is not an in depth program. I combine physical exercise (squats, toe touching and pushups) with some good yoga stretching exercising. I like the discipline yoga brings to the body. I was asked once about the ‘spiritual’ side of Yoga. I had to answer I have no idea what that really means, I do know however that by going thru some of the simple muscle stretches I am more flexible, and that is important at 80 years of age. 

Once Sherry did yoga exercises and I followed. I do not remember the names of all the positions.  But this is The Child.. (I do it well, LOL)

This is the Forward Seat. Her hands wrap her feet. I can reach to just below my knees. (true, but I am trying)  ;-)

The Plow is another I do.  Toes touching the floor.

But I get just about ABOUT this far.  LOL

Looking up at your legs with the ‘hanging skin’ of an 80 year old (That used to be muscle) is not for the faint hearted. ;-O

My short time is about 20-25 minutes divided about 50/50 with physical exercise and stretching. I have already lost one upper arm muscle and ligament that I blame on a prescribed statin. I QUIT and lowered my cholesterol with my diet, after the loss of that muscle. Normally we walk 2-3 miles a day but lately that has waned.  Too cool!
Nite Shipslog
PS : Weight is holding at 152, below that soon! 


Mevely317 said...

I love how, when out of the blue, I get these 'nudges.' Because my day started later than usual … I've been sitting here at the computer, weighing the merits of getting out and walking. Or not. I was leaning towards 'not', when I read Ma's post … then read yours. Oops! I've never tried yoga, but those stretching exercises could do wonders for my back. OK, I'm going to go put on my tennis shoes!

Mevely317 said...

I've been remiss in saying so, but Tom and I are enjoying the old vehicle photos and captions you find!

Woody said...

Glad you exercise, Living in senior housing there is not much activity, SO just about every 2 hours after dinner/supper we walk the building, 1st and 2nd floor, takes us 20 to 25 minutes to do, We tried some thing here called Tai Chai but it wasn't to our liking, I could not stand on foot and balance, I could not do others because of that stroke in 2010. Well, it is windy, 50 MPH gusts so before we lose poser will close!!!! Love you 2, take care and behave!!!! Gary & Anna Mae

Lisa said...

I'm glad you are getting some stretching in. That is just as important as any exercise. We will go for a walk if its not too cold. I am miserable walking in cold. My bones hurt, my nose drips, my eyes water and my ears rattle. I just cant take the cold.

I have never done yoga...On purpose.

Susan Kane said...

You are my hero. We don't devote much time to that at all.

No excuses. Just saying "I don't feel like it now."

betty said...

That's great the weight is holding? I walk on the treadmill for 40 minutes at a pretty fast pace 5 days a week but I don't do any stretches which I should do. I think yoga is a good program; I think it can be done without the spiritual side of it or I have heard of Christian yoga, whatever that is.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think walking is one of the best exercises any one can do. But stretching is good too. I have to get the kinks out and do some stretching several times a day. Any addition exercise comes from house work, yard work and pushing the grocery cart around the store. I've never been very athletic but I do hope to ride my bike more when the weather warms up. I bet you are missing that Florida sunshine just a little.

Dar said...

My exercise has always been in the line of housework, gardening and walking around the property...when it isn't icy. It's been a very long winter since the end of Jan. so am looking forward to stretching behind a rake, hoe and plow. We both keep so busy with ' projects ' in Bill's shop or my sewing room, that an early morning stretch helps tremendously. Push-ups??? Gads, man, I'm proud of you. We gave those up way long ago. The only push up I do is away from the table. Have a great weekend. We are warming up and getting rain over Sat. and Sun.
love n' hugs from our north where the starry night has been bright.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack I have to say I am very proud of you and Sherry!