Friday, April 5, 2019

Worry about Stormy and the bathroom floor

Trucks of Art
 It is amazing  that a huge company like Packard could go under. But it did!

We are a little bit confused and afraid about Stormy D. She spent over an hour on the porch today eating and wanting a lot of petting. Even when we came back inside, we checked from window and she remained in one of the chairs looking in the direction of her kitties.

 I opened the door to ask her if she was going to check on her 'puppies' and she jumped off the chair, but stayed for more petting.

It must be tough to be feral. Last year she lost her litter to a hawk, snake or other predator. Now I am afraid the same has happened and she didn’t even get a chance to show them off.  That is speculation. I have some hope that they are safe and she was just taking some time away.

I worked on the master bath today. Hey Woody, I was afraid of the Dry wall screws so I did use 2” & 3” decking screws every 4-6 inches on each joist. I finished the bathroom today, I am beat again. LOL. There were 12 lines and there are two cuts every line so I was up and down to go out on the deck to cut the boards.  If the squeaks come back imma use 4” lag bolts!!

This laminate flooring is new to me. My son swears by it. I have only used it once. It is hard to understand, this flooring has no nails or screws. It is called a ‘floating’ surface and the interlocking edges holds it all together. My son calls it slap down flooring. A strong person can set the edges and ‘slap them down’ to make them lock. I actually had to use the hammer and a scrap of the flooring to ‘slap’ the grooves together. The flooring must have ¼” all sides for expansion and contraction. Making it tough to trim but I found a way.

Reseating the commode was a little heavy for me. But Sherry helped. So all is well. I like the floor.



Mevely317 said...

I don't know if the laminate we had to have removed was the floating kind or not … but as we learned, it sure wasn't waterproof. Ha. I like the looks of yours a lot!
That's strange about Stormy's behavior. What a shame you can't affix a little GPS device around her neck. Hoping for good news in your next post!

Jean said...

It looks so nice, I don't know much about laminate my daughter in law remodel her house a few years ago and put it down on all her floors and it still looks nice. I hope Stormy hasn't lost her kittens like she did before. Kind of sad. take care, jean.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope Stormy is doing okay - I guess I mean her kittens,

And man you are doing good building a house and doing all that you are doing - with Sherry too.

Woody said...

Sounds like you have "The situation well in hand", Bravo Zulu on the larger sheet rock screws, I use square head drives instead of phillips head, better grip I think ! I hope "Stormy D." didn't lose her litter !!! Time will tell ! Nice day, 51 degrees, sunny and I even got outside, well you don't over do, Glad you Honey was there to help lift the Comode, they can be akward and heavy ! Sending our Love from the North !!! Gary an Anna Mae !

betty said...

I continue to be concerned about Stormy. Her ups and downs about her situation are stressful at times. I do hope her kittens are okay and are thriving the best they can. I would be devastated to hear anything else.


Lisa said...

Maybe Stormy is just taking a break. Let’s hope.
Your floor looks great!! I like it. Your talent always amazes me.
Good job.

Happy Sunday

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your Stormy is looking fit and trim there. I'm glad she's ok but it does make one wonder about the kittens. I also couldn't help but notice that you have the same patio chairs as I do. I love them as the both rock and swivel. The floor does look fantastic! Hope those squeaks are now a thing of the past. We're to reach 70 degrees here today, Spring is showing us her happy face !