Thursday, June 11, 2020

More cats and stuff!

Cars of beauty:

This is a 1958 Chevy Impala

This is a 1962  Chevy Impala
4 Years difference, not a big deal they both are good looking cars.

Entry for Friday:

It appears that Stormy has lost one kitty. We can count only 6. I am hoping to move them from Jim’s back yard to my new shed under the deck. There is a small entry thru the steps that should protect them at least from the larger wild animals and dogs.

Michelle next door who feeds the cats as much as I do says she will help gather them up.  We hope to do it today.

One more thing that we have been trying to get done is a roof on a house we have that our Granddaughter Sherece hopes to buy.  I was surprised; we had no luck in finding roofers until now. Today the roofers will start there. So this will be a pretty busy one.

I have been waxing the motor home and it is looking good. I only have the back to do and that giant job will be done.

 Hope you all are well, safe and in good health. Life is good.

Just a little correction to the year I used in yesterday’s entry. It was 1958 when I came home and announced we were in the USAF, not 1962. It is Sherry’s fault, she moved around so much I have a hard time keeping up. OOPS! (my face is a little red! But really a 4 yr mistake is easy to make, for me.)

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd find it hared to remember just when things happened back that far. i'd probably be off even morel I wish I had dated all the pictes I've taken. Sorry about the missing kitty. Hope you can get them moved to safety today. Good Luck. i

betty said...

Good for Sherry's memory to keep you on your toes, Jack!! Funny you couldn't find roofers until now, but glad it will be getting done. Sorry to hear that about Stormy's lost little one. Hopefully the others will have a fighting chance!


Mevely317 said...

So sad to hear of Stormy's little one! So good to know Michelle's ready, willing and able to join your posse. Glad you were able to get the roofers on the job -- particularly before hurricane season. I suppose this is their busy-busy time of year.

Woody said...

Your lucky to find a roofer not busy, up here they are all pretty much booked out till fall, we are working on our deck !!!! Hope you get Stormy an family moved ! Take it easy and I bet that Coach looks nice !! Sending down love and cares, Gary an Anna Mae

Glenda said...

Today in north Flawda I say a guy on a motorcycle that looked just like you, bald, beard, OMG Doubletake!!! It wasn't you, I am home again jiggity jane, rough roads, but this Conrad gurl made it!!! Warm hugs from the Southland, Glenda