Friday, June 26, 2020

What made me, ME!

Autos of beauty

New the year I was born, 1939 buick 4 door convertible.

For today, Friday:

I was born at home in Gastonia, NC the the 6th child, there was one more but he did not live long. My dad had organized and built the South Gastonia Church of God. So I was a preacher's kid.

At 16, my first job (other than mowing grass) was for Luke Tucker, Digging a septic tank. My next job was hanging ‘Celotex’, again Luke Tucker. Luke was my best friend’s dad, an amazing man who was a General Contractor.

Then at 17, I joined the Corps and became a Marine,

That year Married the most beautiful girl in the world...

at discharge….

..I worked at the Charlotte Observer inserting Parade Magazine in the Sunday Funnies by hand.

Then I joined the USAF. As a radio operator on the Crash Boats, then cross trained to Computer repair. (Sherry gave me first Jack Jr, and Mark David). 

Then back to carpentry with Luke Tucker, he had become my mentor and I didn’t realize it.

I took up Chalk drawing as a hobby. It became a profession and a part-time livelihood.

YEP, I once actually thought I was a preacher. Traveling and doing Bible Schools, Youth Camps and BSA functions. During that phase of my life we pastored 2 churches, organized and built another. (New Hope Church of God) is still an active church.

Following that, Tech School to become a Surveyor, that didn’t work out.

Then I joined the US Navy for a few years (14) …… Afterwards.........

I took a job as a maintenance man in the Radisson Plaza Hotel.

Uh huh, we even bought a Roach-Coach, You can make a good living running a roach coach, but it was not for me and I was getting old, maybe 41. I again took up the hammer and worked for a General contractor.

Then upon the advice of my wife I started building houses for a living, like Luke I became a General Contractor. After all the searching I had finally found MY NICHE!

ME: I enjoyed everything I chose to do. I NEVER DREADED Monday mornings. I have always given everything to a task. I was taught to be honest by the greatest parents in the world. I was taught to give more than a day’s work for a day’s pay. When I listened to Zig Ziggler I realized my daddy knew everything Zig did (w/o the education) and didn’t know it. LOL

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PS: Not everyone goes thru so many phases before they find their place, but some of you probably rival me. LOL   


betty said...

You had a very interesting and varied career Jack! It is good to have done things that you enjoyed doing and didn't dread Mondays! And you are still working to this day LOL. I don't think you know the meaning of the word retirement LOL!


Susie said...

Well boy, you sure did not just sit around. LOL Honesty is so wonderful. Not all contractors have that, sorry to say. What is a roach coach? You have been around. LOL. I am sure you have taught your own children all the good things. Blessings to you and your wife, xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

Oh my goodness … talk about a life well-lived! And it ain't over by any means! When my former hubby and I moved to Tampa, I took the first job I was offered, working for Jim Walter Corporation -- which owned Celotex. I knew about your military service, but didn't realize you worked for Radisson! Having worked for Wyndham so many years, I know hotel maintenance folks aren't given half the credit they deserve. I've not thought about Parade magazine in a long time; my mother and I both loved reading it each Sunday morning.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Its's so great to do what you love. And to know where you came from. So many people forget their beginnings, but you never have. You had wonderful parents and a great mentor. No wonder that you turned out so good. Course to you do have Sherry to keep you on track too. You've lived a great life and one to be proud of.

Chatty Crone said...

Is it your birthday? If so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
You sure have done more in your life than any one else I know.
You married well and your parents were wonderful.
You should be proud.

Lisa said...

Your life challenges and successes always amaze me. You are so talented and yes you married a purty one!

From gtown