Friday, March 19, 2021

Different worlds and things you remember

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Alpha Romero Spyder (The people who drive this are of a different world than I am.)  BUT it is a beautiful car. 

For today:

Famous quote: ‘Things are subject to change’ and they definitely are. On many trips we made, the side trips and things learned there were remembered more than the destination.

Once we decided to leave our driveway and flip a coin at every major intersection. Heads turn right, tails turn left. In 30 minutes we were back home, we gave up that idea!

I have told this before. Once in another state Sherry ordered chocolate ice cream. “Sorry ma’am, we serve only vanilla.” The disappointment was obvious on Sherry’s face, the young girl continued, “You do know there is no difference in chocolate and vanilla except the color don’t you?”

Then once at a Dairy Queen in Georgia, Sherry ordered, “I would like a small Pecan cluster blizzard.” The kid got a blank look at first then turned and called out, “One small PEE-CAN clusta blizzard!”  (I prefer the Tropical Blizzard)

We have traveled a lot while some folks chose to stay near home. I smile when I hear, “Em folks from up north shore tawk funny!” Some of us down south have no idea we also tawk funny!

I LOVE accents. Two of my favorites are the obvious accents from the North East of the USA and the Irish.

I have talked very little to the Amish Folk, normally just to purchase something they were selling by the road side. Their accent is interesting.  WE bought Shoo fly pie (Main ingredient is Molasses), it is called Melassich Riwwelboi or Melassichriwwelkuche in the Pennsylvania Dutch language. Of course I cannot say it, I just looked it up!

I am thinking this blogging world is changing, many folk are turning to FB & other social media. You do get faster responses there. BUT for the present, I am enjoying reading and becoming to understand folks from many areas and cultures.





Unknown said...

Please tell me that girl was kidding when she told Sherry "you do know there is no difference in chocolate and vanilla except the color don't you?" Please tell me she was kidding. SMH is all I can do.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'v yet to see why any lblogger would turn to facebook. We have such a wonderful community of caring friends here. I'll be sticking to blogger and getting to know more/ I agree. We laarn so much from people all over the country.

Mevely317 said...

Shaking my head about the 'no difference' between vanilla and chocolate remark. Poor girl must have been born with no taste buds. LOL. I, too, love hearing folks' accents -- but would be hard pressed to identify the differences say between Tennessee and west Texas. I'll never forget the time I mistakenly offended a coworker, supposing he was from the U.K., when it was really Australia.

When I first began blogging, I took pains to keep Respice Prospice and FB separate. Sure didn't want my coworkers to know about the blog (Hence, 'Mevely'). Now, it doesn't make any difference. But I'm still saddened when a blogger decides to leave 'the family.'

Woody said...

I am so glad My Honey and I have had the chance to have Traveled from New York State to Maine and down the Coast to Florida an the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans. Then back up thru Nashville Tennessee. We have been on Whale Watches and Dolphin and Shark Cruises.
I agree side roads are nice trips for exploring. Sending down our Best Regards to you an Sherry from the unthawing North Country ! Love, Gary an Anna Mae

yaya said...

When I was a kid we camped as a family every summer. We traveled the country and learned a lot about the different states and people. My Dad liked to go back roads too so we didn't think some areas were all about city life. Once we needed gas for our lanterns and such. Dad asked the gas attendant if they had white gas. In a lovely southern drawl the kid said...real slow..."Wellll, sometimes it's white an sometimes it's red." Dad just smiled and we went someplace else! Jack always said I had a Chicago accent. I think I sound fine!