Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Looking for Ferals, problems with leaving homes unattended & friends..

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For today:

We are back in our new to us trailer we bought in Leesburg, Florida. I came hoping to see the two feral cats, Tuxedo and Lucy (our names for them). I enjoy trying to pet them and also to feed them. The life of a feral is tough. So far I think I saw Lucy at a distance.

I reckon we gypsies are sorta like that, but we can feed ourselves. To a point the feral can too. There are enough lizards in Florida to feed them that is for sure.

WE brought our friends over to see the house and Di noticed that there was water on the kitchen floor. It was from the refrigerator. My first guess is that there was a power failure and the condensation inside was too great for the gasket. 

Now that we are here I will look into that and probably turn the refrig off and open it when we leave for the summer.  I will definitely find the water valve for the house and cut that off.

The trip was relatively short and we set here and wonder if we should remain in the motor home or move into the trailer for a few weeks. So we will sleep here over nite and decide in the morrow. LOL

We are still just enjoying visiting with an old friend from our teens. Sherry has plenty folks she sees from her youth. I could count the ones I know and see from those years and not use all the fingers on one hand. We did not know Di before they were married. She is a delight. Buddy was fortunate and brought her here from England. Buddy was the ‘Fonz’ of our group and is still witty, even if he is OLD!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice your ferrels are hanging around. They must have known you'd be back. Good luck with the leak. Hope everything is ok. But good idea to shut the water off when you go and leaving the fridge door open is good too. Why not enjoy your home, it's what you got it for. You put a lot of work into getting it the way you want and make it your own.

Mevely317 said...

Goodness, it's always something! Good thing you've the know-how to fix the fridge ... and methinks you enjoy having projects. :)
Tho' I'm still in touch with a couple friends from childhood, I've only one real FRIEND from the 1980's, aka Days of Yore. 🙃 Reminds me of an old Scouting song, "Make good friends, but keep the old; some are silver, the others gold."

Chatty Crone said...

I agree - something breaks all the time - great you know how to fix it!

Lisa said...

Thats a hard decision. Id say stay in the trailer but I know the RV is your nest.
The cats are good to keep around to kill mice and snakes. Just don’t pet the alligators down there.