Monday, March 15, 2021

WHAT?.... TAX TIME? huh!

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


For today:

Tax Time I seem to always remember how simple for the retire or working stiff to simply fill out a simple form on an IBM card, mail it in with a check or a request for a refund. It could be done in 10-15 minutes as soon as you received your W-2 form, also on an IBM card at times.

It cannt be read to well, but that is something like the form I used in the mid 50s to file. Small card front and back.

Now, the 1956 W-2 also on a card, 

Here is one for Lee Harvey Oswald, you might remember him.  I earned more than he did that year, I made $780 in 1956!! LOL

So today we went to breakfast with Don and Evelyn.  She has been pretty nice lately, but that is when you know she is about to drop the bomb!  LOL

Anyway after we returned I came home and started our Tax return.  I am using Turbotax this time. I am still not sold on it, but at least the math is done right and checked.

It ONLY took me 6.5-7 hours. I have only about an hour or so to finish in the next couple days.

Yeah we will have to pay. We used to have so much took out so we would get a refund.  We finally realized it was ours anyway and cut back to the minimum.

HOWEVER I sure remember the fun when we would get $75 to $150 dollars as a refund, it was like Christmas. LOL Funny how proud we were to get OUR money back, huh?


Anyway happy tax time to you. I do wish the politicians would spend our tax money wisely, but they have proven no matter who is in charge, the pork barrel still rolls.


I do hope you get a refund.





Lisa said...

We got our taxes back. We had to pay some on the State but got back some on the federal.
My cousin is Pace Tax an Accounting. You probably have heard of him since you are from around here. I work in a tax and accounting office and its busy this time of year.


Dar said...

We used to get a hefty return when my guy worked a 50some hr. week at the paper mill....since retirement, we don't even make enough to file. Every year we take our info in to see our tax guy and several years we haven't had to file. Works for us, however a hefty refund sure would be nice.
loven'hugs from our overcast north. There's a chill in the air.

Mevely317 said...

I'm so thankful for easy-to-understand software like Turbo Tax! Having worked many years for a CPA, I recall the LONG hours; but at the same time, the welcomed overtime $$$. Nope, wouldn't want to do it again. Besides, I'm guessing their clientele's dropped significantly since these do-it-yourself programs?
Now, I need to get on there and find out once and for all if we're (SS people) even required to file anymore.

yaya said...

Because of Jack's business we have an accountant. She does the dirty work. Last year we had to pay for the first time in years. Hopefully this year will be better!

Glenda said...

Great pics and great reminiscing, you made me smile about work experience!!!