Tuesday, March 30, 2021

How did they do that, MAGIC??

 The magic car:

Many parents cannot get the kids this magic car...

For today:

I can enjoy a lot of things in movies, wax, CD and on Television (Now here on the internet) such as:  Stories, news, travel and weather.  Many things I would like to be there to enjoy it but can still get a kick out of it on some media.

Growing up I was always thrilled when a Magician would appear in a school auditorium. FOR ME the magician MUST be seen in person.  I have watched a couple on TV, but as I tell folks  anything can be done on TV, they make mice and ducks talk.

But watching a great sleight of hand trick and trying to ‘see’ the trick, is what magic is all about.  When we  performed a little bit for seniors and especially kids. I always gave the ‘disclaimer’ “We all know this is not real magic I do. God and Nature does Magic such as when a seed truly becomes a flower. FOR real magic you should watch as an ugly worm that can only climb and crawl as it encloses its self in a cocoon and later emerges as a beautiful butterfly that can truly fly.

What I do is magic tricks, I try not to let you in on the secret. When you learn the secret, it isn’t as much fun. BUT we all must try.

I love to see those young eyes come alive in awe when something seems to appear out of thin air. My mentor, Rev. Ray Campbell (in chalk art and magic), taught me how to draw two pictures at once. One is hidden and done in fluorescent chalk, it is seen only when Sherry remotely turned on the black light.

Professional Magicians are bound by a rule to ‘never’ expose the ‘trick’ of any magic act. I have been guilty of showing the ‘trick’ to a kid or two who had been bullied and needed something to give them a ‘one-up’ on the bully. The same for the kid with no self-confidence who needed that ‘little boost.’

Now for REAL MAGIC…… that anonymous gift to the needy. That sign to the cashier that says add that person’s bill to mine. Getting fuel for the stranded motorist. I like the term ‘Random Act Of Kindness’, the ones done when the VOICE inside says, “DO IT!”

BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER……. YOU can be a Magician because a SMILE given at the right time can be MAGIC!


PS: Laughter Magic for a child (maybe a dog too!) (if you  have a minute)


Glenda said...

Oh, this post brings back precious memories. Loved that Smucker's peanut butter the best!!! You.are.a.gem and Sherry is a diamond!!! Love y'all!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our youth group at church had a chalk artist perform for us a few times. It was always magical when that light came on. We were all in awe. How wonderful you take the time to entertain others and show them the fun in magic. I agree nature is magical and can out perform any human, we just have to take time to see the view. Every day brings some magic of its own.

Mevely317 said...

Aw, I love how that pup loves his 'brother'! BIG smiles!

... almost as much as I love your tender heart. These illustrations are, indeed, magic. That's interesting about magicians being bound to secrecy. Tom's always in awe of a great performer - the likes of Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, etc. Then there's skeptical me who recently wondered aloud about their back-stage crew members. Don't they, too, HAVE to know the 'secret'? And what oath did they have to take not to divulge? Things that make me go, hmmmmmm.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh I love that baby and the dog! You paid it forward to me!

Dar said...

We still talk about the color book you showed our grandlove and the dime tricks. He returned a 'trick' with the frog....thanks for another great memory. I loved the lil fella laughing at his pup splashes. It's moments like that we keep stored away for gloomy times. Thanks.
loven'hugs from up north where, even tho the sun shines brightly, it's another very bitter cold day....brrrrrr. I'm waiting for warmth

yaya said...

You have done so many things in your life but making a child's day with doing magic or giving them the gift of knowing magic is priceless. The video is wonderful! Nothing better than a baby's laughter!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a wonderful cheerful post. Magical. Thanx.

God bless.