Monday, March 1, 2021

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 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


They did not make a US car in 1945, but this was the new 1946 Dodge.


My first school desks still had an ink-well spot.  I always wondered what type of ink container was used. My early desks had names carved in them. I always wondered how many whippings boys got for that! By the time I was in school 1945, we used pens and pencils. By the 7th grade I was good at sharpening all of Mrs. Grill’s pencils after school and washing the black boards. I was her pet. She liked me to stay after school and help… ;-)

The ink well was that 3" hole upper right corner of the desk

In the mid 1950’s the 'affordable' ball point pen was introduced. Some good and some NOT.  The ‘ink pen’ was always popular, I even had one with a cartridge that slipped in vs. pumping it in from a bottle of ink with the little lever on the side.  One thing the student learned, you ain’t gonna erase a mistake, I do not remember 'white-out' back then. I really enjoyed writing with a pen, I preferred black ink.

Now a days I have accidently bought some very good pens that flow like an ink pen, love them. It appears to be a ball point and is, but the ink does not skip. I also prefer the ‘fine’ points, for some reason.

Funny thing no matter how many we have, there are times one is not in reach.

I want to leave the entry with this:

WE all know the butterfly does not have a normal birth. It starts as a worm and must crawl all its natural life. I was taught that elephants 'much bigger than that little worm' knows when it is gonna die and heads to a predestined place to pass.

Sean (of the South) mentioned the transition of the worm to butterfly once in one of his blog entries. He posed the question, “Wonder if the worm knows it is soon going to fly, or is he preparing for death? Is it surprised one day when he breaks out of the cocoon and can dart around flying above the ground and bushes he used to crawl on?”   That must be an amazing experience.  Do you see and relationship to our beliefs?  Are we spinning a spiritual cocoon?

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PS: It's probably no surprise, but tomorrow we will go on vacation (If the coach starts!). Next blog entry will be from South Carolina (near Parris Island).


Lisa said...

If I use a pen, I prefer a fine tip too but I prefer to write with a pencil.
Im too young to remember the ink well but I assume it would have been a struggle for lefties like me.

Have a safe fun trip

Chatty Crone said...

I have found an erasable pen that writes and erases beautifully - I love it. A little expensive but worth it to me.
Happy vacation!

Woody said...

As Willie sang, "On The Road Again", or Roy Rogers Sang, "Happy Trails Again", Have a good road trip and enjoy the Motor Home and cruising on down the highway ! Safe Travels and Enjoy ! Love from the Thawing and refreezing North Country: Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm so thankful that we don't have to deal with messy ink these days. I'd rather use pencils so we can use the erasers. My sister used to use a pen that erasable ink. Now that's a cleaver invention for sure. Hope your ride starts up just fine and you get a good vacation. We all need a change of scenery now and then.Take care and be safe !

Dar said...

I have seen ink that goes in the wells but have never used them...I would think it very interesting. I prefer a fine tip pen but love drawing with pencil...the smaller kids love the eraserable crayon-type pencils...they are pretty cool. Any of the mechanical pencils are's amazing, the selection out there. Something new every day.
Like Woody, we too are thawing, refreezing and thawing again. I'll take it.
loven'hugs from our sunny, warming north

Mevely317 said...

'Not sure why I kept it, but I still have my great-grandfather's portable wooden desk with the little ink well. Those desks you've shown? Wow, I'd love to have one - provided I could FIT.
I must have missed that post by Sean, but his poser -- and yours, especially -- has given me pause. I LIKE the idea of weaving a spiritual cocoon!

Bon Voyage!

yaya said...

One of the pet peeves of nurses are the Docs that "borrow" their favorite pen never to be seen again! I had an old desk like that some years ago and gave it away. I had a friend who was a school teacher and they found a bunch of desks in storage. Maybe I should have kept it! I immediately thought of the spiritual aspect of your butterfly story. I hope to get some kind of wings one day and not a pitch fork! Have a good vacation!