Thursday, March 11, 2021

The trip to MARS and Blogger ‘Reading List’

 The  only RIDE On Mars:

 The trip of the Rover......

For today:

I am not sure about you but each day I go to my ‘Blogger ‘Reading List’ ‘ to read blogs and comment. In the past few months I have opened the list and found it flooded with ‘STUFF’. Today about 50 blog entries were there from something called ‘diary39’, it was mostly ads from EBAY and others concerning animals, toys, pictures etc.

I am leery about opening uninvited stuff so I do not open them. BUT it is frustrating. I have no idea how to delete it.

This is today’s ‘real’ stuff:

I was joking about a trip to MARS just a couple entries back, Last night out of the Blue a friend from my childhood in Valdese (Jim Page) sent me this, if you have time it is very interesting (If you are interested in that sort of thing).

Hope at least one of this works how that sucker opens up when it lands is amazing!!!: 



yaya said...

That was super fun to watch! I have no desire to fly to Mars. I don't care for flying in a commercial jet but do it because I need to see my kiddos. If they move to Mars I'll just have to zoom them! Anyway, I loved seeing how excited the staff was when it landed and actually sent back photos. Better photos from Mars than I get from my camera! It was like watching a Nerd frat party! Thanks for sharing and I have no doubt that if it were offered to you, you'd be on the next flight to space! Have a good weekend Jack and Sherry!

Mevely317 said...

Wow ... that video boggles my imagination!
I'm sorry to hear how your reader list is being overrun by spam. Ya, like I'm always telling Tom, better not to open anything. (Sometimes his curiosity gets the better of him.) Wish I knew how to go about exterminating them; I hope you won't have to resort to "Comment Moderation", but I know several who have done so.