Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Men and Women of DREAMS

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 I sat and stood in wreck cars at my Uncle Oscar's junk yard and DROVE THEM. I won races, jumped rivers and slid around mountain roads. I had a wild imagination.

For today: Before this entry I want to say I  got a kick out of the comments. Hey TT, I had forgotten about the 'roaming' on the bag phone, that got me too. And Boro's comment about the food, interesting. And so far we have two Mars travelers:TT &  Chatty's grandson (I am the iffy one!) Yeah, we should have a viable flying car by now..... YES on the Cancer cures MYRA !!!

I think this will be my last entry on Imagination, but it has been fun for me.

I noted yesterday that many of my toy cars were blocks of wood. Scraps from a building site. When I was driving them in the dirt under the house, they were Rolls Royces, Corvettes, firetrucks and t-models in my head.

Many girls have played with a stuffed sock and it was a beautiful baby doll.

How many mud pies were beautiful tasty cakes or a great dinner in the mind of a child as they cooked on an imaginary stove?

I wonder if people like Edison and Einstein were just grown kids who could let their mind run wild with dreams of the impossible.

Now I want to be nosey about your childhood. What are some of the things your imagination did as you played, rode your bike, flew kites, sat on a creek bank or walked thru the wood?

Can you remember when your mind was FERTILE? When thinking was NOT limited?  Come on, think back to when your mind did not know how limited we are?





boromax said...

Oh, my. Drove race cars, trains, sailboats, spaceships, airplanes (especially fighter jets); Fought the bad guys with swords, guns, lasers, knives; Dove into underwater realms; Made friends with imaginary folk - elves, dwarves, trolls, giants, pixies, fairies, gnomes, hobbits, fauns, centaurs, robots; Hid from monsters like werewolves, vampires, frankensteins, mummies, swamp thing, lagoon creatures, space aliens; pretended to be a wizard, a soldier, a policeman, a detective, an indian brave.

Limitless. 'Tis grand!


boromax said...

btw, all of that with sticks, rocks, tin cans, garbage can lids, and anything else we could find.

Mevely317 said...

I've been thinking about this since last night.
Being an 'only child' with few playmates, yes. I'd a whole host of imaginary friends and family. Funny. I always dreamt of having 6 kids -- with faces chosen from the Sears catalog -- but my husband was nameless, featureless. Forget Easy-Bake toy kitchens, I'd play for hours with little plastic horses where we all lived on a 'scientific ranch.' (Don't ask me what THAT meant; I've no idea. LOL)

Mevely317 said...

Oh, and I had a wooden 'rifle' and coonskin cap, aka Davy Crockett.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember making doll houses out of cardboard boxes and designing them the way I'd want a house of mine to be. We also made paper dolls and dressed them in paper clothing. Imagination is such a wonderful thing. It takes us to places we'd never imagine we could go.

Barbara of Branson said...

Making fairy princess out of Hollyhocks. The full flower was the gown and a bud stuck into the flower was the head.

yaya said...

We played outdoors from after breakfast and any chores until the 6pm fire whistle would sound off that it was time for dinner. Oh, I guess we did get a quick lunch! My little friends and I would practice a singing routine and do shows for the neighborhood kiddos. I can't sing a lick so I'm thinking they must have been desperate for entertainment! We rode bikes and pretended to be racers as we flew around the block. Spy shows were coming into vogue and we wanted desperately to be a spy...in our neighborhood not much spy worthy stuff happened! I had a friend who loved horses and had tons of plastic horses and barns that we played with. We built forts and had a wooded area that we nicknamed "Witches Willow"...lots of scary imaginations there! Hmmm..Witches Willow would be a fun blog name! Never lose your imagination Jack...it's the way to stay young!

Lisa said...

We made crowns with flowers and pretended to be princesses. I would dig the greenish clay from the ground and make pottery and made lots of mud pies. We had to use our imagination thats all we had back then.