Saturday, March 6, 2021

Maybe someday

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1934 SS Voisen

French production auto...


I washed the car today, then of course as the law of nature is, it rained.  But really I don’t care. It didn’t even bother me that drivers looked at me and laughed  smiled real big as I finished in the rain. Well the car really did need it, so I did it.

Maybe someday I will get it right.

I don’t care for adjustable wrenches, I prefer the correct size wrench. But when all you have is an adjustable wrench because you cannot find the other, you use it.

Maybe someday I will get it right.

I am getting some thoughts about a new book.  I like using some of the same characters because it is hard to come up with good names for fictitious characters. This idea may not come to fruition, but today was the birthday of a good friend, Robert Dallas Fletcher (the name I really like also). So I was thinking about the dude. I have used Dallas in most of my books. Imma thinking he has rested too much and spent too much time behind the desk. He has made a lot of money for Jerry Wiley while not doing too badly for himself.

Time he found what it is like to be lost at sea or in the wilds of Alaska. Maybe see if we can get his wife involved since she is a pistol packing mama.

Maybe what I have missed will be made right. Just sayin’.

I keep saying many people who think god created chocolate have not given butter-pecan a chance. So just to in force that, 

(I know it is no longer a 1/2 gallon, they cheat on the packing)

I bought a ½ gal of butter pecan a couple days ago. I finally opened the box last night and what to my amazement did I see? Someone had already dug into that creamy, sweet delicious delight. …………………. As I looked around for the culprit, the choc-a-holic sweetheart of mine was smiling.

Then at that moment, I knew she had finally got it right, she could not resist that Butter-Pecan delicacy!

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Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack, you're so entertaining! Really. I may have to make that my new mantra. I'm looking forward to be hearing more about the new book. But meanwhile, I'm trying to get my mind off the thoughts of butter pecan ... cause we don't got any!

Unknown said...

Not really a butter pecan kind of gal but my husband loves it. I'm like that sneaky Sherry, going for the chocolate. Maybe I can convince my husband to wash the car. We really need the rain ;-).

yaya said...

When it rains I always say that's when God washes the car for me! My favorite icecream is Pralines and Cream but that doesn't stop me from "tasting" some Moose Tracks in the freezer! I hope your book's characters enjoy a new adventure. I have an idea in my head for a book but for now (and maybe forever) will stay there tucked away. Have a good week!

Dar said...

My all time favorite ice cream has been the same my daddy loved.....Butter Pecan. We just finished a box and mmmmm,mmmmmm, so good. We do love chocolate too and plain ol' vanilla. Now you done it.~just when I was thinking we shouldn't eat ice cream anymore, my taste buds have been teased.
As for the rains, we're hoping. It's been warming up enough tho, to melt a lot of the snow we have. The ice, however, is trecherous.
loven'hugs from up north where the sun is trying it's best to shine today.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now I'm really wanting some putter pecan ice cream. It does sound good! The wonderful thing is we get a new chance to get it right every day we wake up and begin again. That's a wonderful thing. I m hoping I get it right one of these days too. Maybe tomorrow, but not today !

Lisa said...

Yay! Another book. Can’t wait for it to come out. Butter pecan is my favorite ice cream too! But of course I like all the others with nuts or caramel.

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