Friday, March 5, 2021

Sometimes I forget AND/OR miss things…..

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Notice that this BMW M2 is missing a grill...


On my last blog entry I started it with: “Sherry and enjoy traveling etc…” Hours later and even after my sharp eyed lady read it, I found I had left the ‘I’ out.

Even people who travel a lot ‘miss things’, by that I mean forget to take things along.  Simple ‘scissors’ I forgot this time.

 I fixed shrimp stir-fry for supper. That requires rice, my dish for cooking rice in the micro was not here. So Sherry has taught me to make it on the stove top. LOL.

Then I needed a cover for the frying pan, not here, I substituted an extra glass lid, it worked.

BUT something I MISS most of all is good (even great) ideas for a blog entry. I know I have had many ‘Pulitzer prize winning’ ideas and lost them before I could get them on paper to remind me. LOL

When Sherry puts clothes in the washer and we leave, she will put a note on the table to remind her to put the clothes in the dryer. At times we will get in the car and she will say, “I forgot to put my note out.”

My reply is ALWAYS, “No problem I will remind you.”

HAHAHAHA I might remember to tell her 1 in 45 times.

But good things do happen and I don’t miss them. Like the day we checked the mail this week and there was a package. Sherry had a plaque, and I had an antique letter opener, a 1 foot ruler from an orphanage, and a 2021 Calendar featuring a Muscle Car each month. Sent to us by Glenda from down in ‘Chobee!’. I won’t miss that because the calendar is right in front of me.

I forgot what today’s entry was about, but at least I am here to say, “I tried!” I appreciate all you folks that take time to read this stuff.

 Even if my elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, YOURS DOES. THANKS!

If you are missing Rock and Roll Check this minute out:

Go ahead, you will not miss this few seconds without a smile! I think this is Susan K or Diana as a kid.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always have to write myself notes or I forget things. I often have clothes in th washer I forgot to put in the dryer. Good thing I have plenty of paper and pencils. If I didn't write things down, I'd forget them more than not. At least you are not afraid to admit that you forget things, whether you remember or not I'm Sherry loves you anyway. You two are my favorite couple for a reason.

Mevely317 said...

What a precious baby girl!
Neat to get that package of goodies in the mail. I love the idea of an antique letter opener.

I'm sorry to hear your 'remember-er' is on the fritz. But at least I'm in good company! My fondness for making lists has become not a harmless thing, but a necessity!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh glad someone else forgets things too!

Dar said...

I'd take that memory medication if only I could remember what it was called.
You're not alone. I write notes all the time. LOL We have to laugh about it.
I love, Love, LOVE the Sweetie rocking and rolling to Good Golly Miss Molly. Thanks for the grins and giggles.
loven'hugs from our lovely north where the sun was warm on our backs watching the grandloves make a snowman in their snowshoes. What a good laugh.