Wednesday, April 14, 2021

 Did I really say that? And storage area!

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Before customizing this was a '49 Chevy Fleetline.

For today:

I am not sure about you, but this person (me) remembers things in my life and say to myself, “I said that?”  Or worse, “I did that?”

In climbing up and down during the last job here on the Coach roof and seeing spots that need attention on the trailer I remembered very vividly a talk I had with Mr. McCumbee a neighbor of ours. Upon seeing Mr. McCumbee climbing up on his roof I walked down to talk to him. “Mr. McCumbee, please come down I need to talk to you.”  He did. I let him know I would gladly climb up and clean his gutters and roof. It was dangerous for a man of his age to be up on a roof.  After all he was at least 65 years old. He sorta laughed replying I will be careful, I do this every year.  The thought of that old man climbing a ladder scared me.

Now I climb THESE 13-14’ roofs and our roof in NC that is over 40ft high and think nothing about it. At least he did not yell at me saying, “65 IS NOT OLD!”

I innocently BET a fellow Marine that I would get married that weekend (He had told me he was getting married) we made an agreement (bet) as we left for Belmont from Camp Lejeune.. I was sure it was a solid bet because Sherry & I had planned it.  My ignorance was understanding how it sounded. When I informed my bride to be that we would have an extra $100 to spend, she shocked me by calling off the wedding, “I am not getting married on a bet!” YES it really happened, and I thought she loved me. LOL

I noticed some empty cabinets here in our trailer. I have a problem usually, if there is storage space I find something to go in it. No matter how small or big.  I think something in my head says, ‘Empty storage area is NOT ALLOWED!’

Need storage space? Can’t throw your things away?  I had a friend who said he had the perfect solution, and had actually done it once. (True or not I do not know!) He said he and a friend had full size basements. They agreed to clean the other guy’s basement out.  He said it worked like a charm, until he started missing things, and soon had it just as full.

Things I wonder about…

(I have too much stuff, but have not reached this stage yet.  As we all know this is not uncommon today)

One pays for a Garage to be built either attached or detached, and they soon cannot park their car inside. (I think that happens more down south where you do not have to scrape ice off windshields.

That is my stuff for tonight!



betty said...

I might have said this before but a pastor at a former church said the average house in the 1960s was 1100 square feet and one car garage. The average house in 2000 was 2400 square feet and 2 car garage and people still needed to rent storage space. Its amazing how some garages look when you drive by if the door is up. You wonder if they even know what is in there any more!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Yes, I know many people who use the garage or basement for storage.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is amazing that someone we used to think of as old really wasn't all that old at all. When we were younger any one in their 50's used to be considered a senior citizen. Now I think they are really quite young. Age is an illusion for sure. I've said things I've forgotten and then the kids come back and say that's what you said, and I think I was pretty smart after all.Good post today. Thanks for the smiles! Hugs from Ohio.

Mevely317 said...

I don't recall being scared of ladders until I was required to take Ladder Safety training each year and heard about all the what-if's. (Never mind that wasn't a part of my job description; safety training was a requirement for all employees. Welcome time away from the desk!)

We never appreciated the wealth of storage space we enjoyed in Arizona until moving here. Not only did we lose a garage, but our 4 closets are really small. Like 1950's vintage small.

I really enjoyed this post!

yaya said...

That looks like my neighbor's garage! Plus he has 2 storage sheds that I'm assuming are also full. My garage isn't perfect but we can park both cars easily. There's an addition on the back of our garage that is full of stuff Jack says he'll go through and get rid of..but doesn't..or stuff that he says he might need some day..but won't. Oh well, I guess that's why God invented dumpsters! (to be fair to Jack we do store the lawn mowers and other outdoor stuff in there that is necessary!)

Dar said...

We've been busy a couple weeks cleaning out a house, 2 barns, 2 garages and 2 small garden's been bittersweet, quite organized in spite of over 100 yrs. of living that carried on within those walls. I took pictures of the interior bones of one of the barns...daunting ladders straight up. For all the life on that place, nothing ever sat out in the elements., always tidy run by proud people. I think of you here, still climbing ladders, up on roofs, and hiking unknown territory. Please stay safe. Life happens in an instant.
loven'hugs from our northern drizzles to your sunshine and warmth.