Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Some things I refuse to read

 Cars of importance to someone:

 A customized mid 50s Pontiac

For today:

Amazing the things that hit my e-mail box.  The subjects make me smile but I refuse to read them. Some of the subject titles are:

1.       If you itch ‘here’ it is an indication of on-coming Alzheimer’s.

2.          Scientists: Vertigo & Dizziness, First Sign of Brain Poisoning

3.       Waking more than twice a night can indicate bladder infection.


4.       Doctor: 4 signs your heart is quietly failing


5.       This color under a fingernail indicates a coming heart attack!


I consider those ‘click bait’ and besides if I knew that part of my body that itches to indicate Alzheimer’s I would probably start itching there. LOL

I also have no interest in seeing pictures of movie stars that have aged terribly. I ain’t doing so well myownself. LOL.

I can remember when certain words were taboo on radio and movies (also TV), so I really don’t care which words the Royals of the UK are not allowed to say, I seldom talk to them.

BUT there are things I look forward to reading. I have a list of favorite bloggers. I also at times see ‘former’ bloggers on FB (Ora, Debbie, Terry and more), and get a kick out of commenting at times.

I also remember fondly several who have passed. I will always remember Jean of OPP, AL, Paula of Pleasanton, TX, Rick of Alabama and Jimmy of Miami. I just wanted to reach out and hug Jean and Paula they were about our age, interesting and wrote well. We planned to eventually see many Bloggers, but at least we did get to see Jean and Paula and have dinner with them.

I also appreciate all who take time to read this stuff and some of you even take time to comment. Thanks

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Mevely317 said...

Ugh ... I loathe that click bait. Mine doesn't come through e-mail; rather Facebook. There's still times I'm intrigued enough to check, but after scrolling through dozens of pages of advertisements I realize I've been played. Now, if I want to see whatever became of a certain star I just consult Google.

'Still hoping to break bread with y'all someday!

yaya said...

I love your blog and your wisdom! I'm glad I came across it and maybe someday Jack and I will be able to meet you and Sherry! Have a good week!

Lisa said...

Yea I feet the same about the click bait. I usually will not read anything long written or long video either.
I love your blog. It’s always perfect in length and always interesting.


betty said...

Gosh, I just realized I've been following your blog, Jack, since 2008! So obviously I must enjoy reading it :)

I too am not a fan of click bait but like Myra sometimes I get sucked into it and then regret having done so :)

Lots of other things to read out there to spend time reading worthless dribble I think.


Unknown said...

We all hate those click bait ads don't we? They try to get us, but let's not fall for them. On the other hand, we love your blog and your sense of humor.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I agree with you about all the click bait type adverts. We have to be selective with what we read and believe these days. Sadly, it is the age of miss-informations and lies.

I'm so honoured you visit my blog. I like visiting here and also your daily cars collection.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I never click on an email from someone I don't know. There is too much crazy stuff happening on the internet theses days. Yes, I have many friends on blogger like you and Sherry that I would like to meet face to face some day. Meanwhile I do enjoy reading all your posts. I know you always have some wisdom to share.

Dar said...

I agree with Betty, ' worthless dribble.' Life is short enough. We don't need to waste time reading someones opinion of what's good or bad for us. I can see a doctor for that. lol Enjoy every moment of every day and we will be fine til we're chosen for the 'great place.'
loven'hugs from up north. It's a bit chilly so I think soup is on my mind.


i know what you mean about click bait. every now and the i get tricked to see what's what and end of with a zillion more advertisements. love the blogs they are my reading material. sad about the bloggers that have passed. but their words remain etched in our memory. loved the old car. there was a drive in at local burger joint for vintage cars. even though it was pouring rain they all showed up. saw them on way back to pick up prescriptions. Havent been posting or commenting alot cause of my hubbys, my kittys and my health. but i havent forgotten my dear blog buddies.

Sheila Y said...

Thank you for remembering my Mom. ❤️❤️ Sheila