Saturday, June 5, 2021


Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Love this '35 Ford Pickup

For today:

Early today I spoke to a young lady who is a friend and went to work for the Forest Service in Florida. It has been a couple years since seeing her. Of course I asked, “How is the job going?”

“Great, I’m working without WORKING.”  Then said, "I love my job, it is what I have always wanted to do."

I thought how good it is to do something you enjoy doing and get paid for it. Most of my jobs over my life have been that way, only once I remember being so miserable in a job, it wasn’t any fun to go to work. I learned it is hard to work for an idiot. LOL

I have known a couple teachers who LOVED their job and you could tell it.  But even those I would bet are glad to see summer come. We have a neighbor who teaches. They just left for a 6 week holiday, in the swamps, on the Ocean, on a lake, and seeing the Florida Keys also.

The teacher’s hubby has just retired. He has taken time to do some Genealogy study. He printed some of the things he found and I really enjoyed reading it. His Great great great uncle Hiram Bell was in the Civil War. He had kept a diary of his tour. He was a commander of troops. It was an informative read. Like many things I have heard, more people were lost to disease than combat. He was very sick most of the time but still tried to do his job. He ended with a humble statement:

“I probably suffered as much as any soldier but contributed less than anyone to the war effort.”

Do you do any genealogy studies?

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PS Just for fun I did a google.

It was not a diary, but a book I did read some of it on line. I have never read a personal account of anyone who participated in our UNCIVIL War. it was interesting.

There were other sales of the book, but this one shocked me!



betty said...

I don't do any genealogy studies but I had an aunt, who has subsequently passed, who did. It was interesting what she discovered but I don't think anyone carried through with her work after she was no longer here. It is always good to have a job that one enjoys going to rather than a drudge that is hard to get excited about.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

We can learn so much from the past.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think it's important to know who our ancestors were. We can find our a lot on line anymore I'd like to know more. We found out that my grandfather's father was married to two different women. A scandal in our family tree. He was quite wealthy and had children by each one. He gave each of his sons a farm of their own.

Mevely317 said...

$200? Wow; I'll have to pass on that book.
Your young friend's enthusiasm made me smile. Yes, I well recall the days I could hardly wait for Monday morning to go to work. (Really.) Unfortunately, as what often happens, the station was sold and new management arrived with their own ideas of doing things. As soon as another opportunity arose, I boot-scooted out of there, two weeks shy of my 10 years.

Because my parents (and theirs) kept great detail regarding our family history, I've not felt the need to do so myself. Mystery regarding my paternal grandfather still exists (I blogged about it here -- but none of my cousins seem particularly interested in learning more. I've decided to let it go.

yaya said...

Our family has done it's fair share of genealogy and have enjoyed learning more about my family that came from Greece on my Mom's side and we're still learning about my Dad's family who came from Germany. I feel bad for folks who really don't know much about family and who they came from and maybe what talents they have inherited. Many of my and my siblings grandkiddos are very artistic. I have a great Grandpa who was an artist and perhaps a little of that talent leaked into the later generation! It totally skipped me!

Dar said...

darn, I don't know if my entry posted.....yes, had many good jobs I enjoyed and learned much, and a few I was glad to depart from. lol
As for genealogy, yes, I did some but my older, wiser sister did extensive work. I never knew there was a lake named the same as my maiden name in Germany. The most common last name was also in Germany and it's my dear hubby's family name/ thus ours. I do thirst to know more....thank God for my older, wiser sister. :) Once again, great ' stuff,' Jack.
loven'hugs from up north where we've been enjoying watching a bluebird family nesting in the bluebird house in my garden, even in this heat.

Lisa said...

I have never thought to do a genealogy study. Hmmm. Could be interesting.


Rosie said...

Thanks for your interesting post. I have done a bit of research into my mother's family from Canada and discovered that my Aunty Vi (my grandmother's
sister) was married to Bill Cody's nephew and was a dancer in his travelling show. I know she drove a pink Cadillac too, as she visited us and told us lots of amazing stories of her very interesting life.