Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Things are getting done

 Truck of importance to someone:

 1999 Chevy pickup

For today:

We have had things that needed done on our home and the one rental we have.  The renters are out of town on an extended vacation so it allows all the exterior work to be done without interfering with their dog or daily routine.

I have did yard work and replaced one door at our house, I have hired a friend to do the carpenter work on the other.  That is tough for me to hire carpenter work done, but I am doing it.

Today young Tony, a friend’s son, pressure washed the house and did a great job. He worked 5 hours steady with only a couple 5 minute breaks. 

There is one window left to be repaired then all exposed wood will be painted. Most of the exterior wood repair wouldn’t have been necessary if I had kept up with painting the trim. BUT the house has been rented for the last 22 years and I let the painting slip by. Yep, you snooze you lose and pay the consequences.  

BUT isn’t it nice to see things getting accomplished, sorta makes you feel good.

I hope all is completed by this weekend, Father's day/We plan a family get together for Father’s day. It is hard to believe this family has eight fathers now, including me.


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Mevely317 said...

I don't pretend to understand it all. But ya, Tom talks about feeling good once he's accomplished something or another. (Obviously I missed that gene. LOL). He, too, has had to hire folks to do what he no longer do; it hurts.

Mevely317 said...

What he CAN no longer do, I mean. Good grief, you'd think I never took HS English.

betty said...

Impressive stats with 8 fathers, Jack! What a blessing! Another hard day of work for you and your helper! I bet the end product will come out looking good!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

There's always something to be done in a house. It is so satisfying though to sit back and see my wife do it. She's good at cleaning the rain gutters. Changing tires on the car too!

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When you have a house, there is always something to be done and before we know it we are doing it all over again. Glad you can still do so much on your own and know who to call when you need help. Nothing wrong with the in my books. More and more I need help more than ever. Hope you have a Happy Father's Day. Anytime with family is always fun for me. Love and hugs from Ohio.

Dar said...

here too, Jack. Things are getting done. The guys, my dear Bill, brothers Randy and Eric, are putting the lean-to up. It's tall, long and labor intensive but they work so good together that, in their opinions, it goes smoothly. I cook for them, two meals a day, and water my flowers and Bill's tomatoes. We're already eating the grape tomatoes.........so good. Ownership sure entails one project after another. We'll do it as long as we can.
loven'hugs from up north in our temperate day. Love that it's cooler but still warm in the 70's today..

Woody said...

After living in Senior Citizen Housing for 12 + years and then getting back into a house you forget the "Upkeep" that has to be done, We just finished painting the ceiling in the Bathroom, "Ouch" my neck, left shoulder now Hurt !!!!LoL !!!! But it sure looks good with a nice bright white shine to it !
This Morning was 46 up here in the North Country and warmed up to 68 !!!Take care and sending down our love, Gary an Anna Mae !