Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Turning pages

Cars of importance to someone:

 1950 Chevy, our first car when we were married.

For today:

There was a time my sweetheart cooked a full breakfast every morning. Of course most of the time, we being from the south, it included grits. Bacon, eggs, grits, molasses and biscuits. The meat changed. Growing up I never had pork chops for breakfast. Sherry’s family had pork chops on Sunday morning.

NOW? Maybe once a week we have a ‘meal’ at home or go to Waffle House. Before Covid, we liked to eat at a family restaurant called ‘White’s’. Most of the time we have cereal, cold or hot. But even the cold cereal gets a little raw oats added. I want that to control my cholesterol.

(We are sitting at our computers now, Well I am not, but Sherry is!)

I interrupt this blog for an announcement in reference to click bait or crazy titles. Sherry who sits beside me ON HER COMPUTER, just got one entitled: ARE YOU POOPING THE WRONG WAY?..... WHAT IS NEXT???

Now back to the reason for today’s entry. Since most of the repair work is done on our houses, we sit and talk at our favorite place, our ‘little table’.

(Shown here)

For the past few days we have enjoyed an hour+ of turning pages of our lives. We have talked about blogs, people we have known, family. Sad times and Good times.

(the location of our little (short) table (bar), designed by my sister Kat when I was building our homes alike at the same time)

In our 64+ years we have separated; never come close to a divorce. But I know some of you have. I KNOW in my heart there are many HONEST reasons for divorce. But no matter the reason, that word causes pain to the entire family. It seems that many families have been touched by it, in the last 20 yrs.(4 times in our family alone)

If you have never had a son or daughter addicted to drugs and alcohol, you are so BLESSED.

BUT…… Oh BOY! Remember the blessings of holding your own child after its birth? AND then Remember the absolute JOY of holding that GRANDLOVE (Dar’s word!), given you by your son or daughter!!!!

We have enjoyed our visits. I love being with this girl. WE have had a varied life. We suffered, have been fairly poor, we have been rich (comparatively) and we have traveled.  Over all we have been blessed. As philosophers and Scripture indicates, “You must go thru some valleys before the mountaintop experience can be appreciated.

Right now, that is what is on my mind.  I know you too have been there, done that! WE all have things to be thankful for, scripture says, “THINK ON THESE THINGS!”


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PS: Sorry, I must be careful, I might think I am a preacher again!!  LOL


Mevely317 said...

Remembering, yes. What a sweet journey! Thank you for sharing a place at your table. 💜

Chatty Crone said...

It was nice to remember back. ♥

betty said...

I love your little table where you talk! Life certainly is interesting, isn't it? I was just thinking of all the "adventures" I've been through with life and how some people would question whether I truly had experienced this or that (sadly yes lol) but God has been faithful and in the end truly so many blessings despite so much pain and so much suffering. People need to go into marriage with a resolve that "divorce is not an option" which basically was what we had decided. And then later after kids we thought "okay whoever initiates the divorce gets the kids" and the kids were wild so neither one wanted them (you know what I mean) and then later after we had Koda our thoughts were whoever initiates the divorce doesn't get Koda so of course no one wanted to be without him. The jury is still out about Winslow :) But I think we are both staying put :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Nothing wrong with preaching, Jack. Your blog is a beacon in a dark Internet.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Life isn't easy but does bring a lot of joy along with the sorrows. Thankfully more joys than sorrows. I think we appreciate the good days more after we've had the hard days. I loved seeing the pictures of your home. You do have such a nice place there to spend your days. Life is lake a book, we must continue to turn the pages.

Dar said...

Adversities, we've had some, but we've grown even closer because of them. God put us on this earth for a purpose. We don't always ' get it ' but we do learn and become stronger. We have had so many blessings, we cannot count but the greatest of those are the love of our Grandloves. Even during 'their' struggles, we also grow. Thanks for the mention of my favorite word. They are worth every letter. Once again, you have touched our hearts.
loven'hugs from up north where the rains are heavier but slowly passing by.
Have a beautiful day with your lovely bride, Ms.Sherry. loveyouguys