Thursday, October 28, 2021

A good day (so far)!

 Car of the day:

There were a lot of jokes about this car when it came out, if you were not a Studebaker fan. "Is it going forward or backwards? etc."

And for today:

I went shopping. We needed Gas, Ice Cream, onions and I needed to get my COVID shot. So I took off on a mission, by myownself, LOL.  First I met Monae at Walgreen. I asked if I could get the first shot here and the second in Florida.  Of course. So I did. Then she said, I will see you again the 21st of next month for #2 shot. Have you noticed people listen well when you wear a mask????

Now Gas. No receipt at the pump!! Big line at the register inside, so I studiously copied the #'s off the pump for the bookkeeper  who has a record of every gallon we have bought in the past 10 years. The lady in the car waiting to fill up was....... nice I guess, but anxious to get gas and be somewhere else (like a lot of us).

Since I get gas at the grocery store, now SHOP. No problem. with only a couple things I will try the self check out 'again,' I messed up last time. UH OH! not again. I paid for the onions by themselves with the credit card before getting to the Ice Cream. So I threw the receipt in the bag with the onions. Then scanned the ice cream. I couldn't open the plastic bags so I set the  ice cream down on the scanner (I guess) while waving it around the reader again.

This time, after paying, I looked at the receipt and said a bad word, I had 4 ice creams.  I waved the nice lady over. She looked at pity on this OLD MAN.... I now have two choices she said, go to the customer service line and get the charges removed or go get 3 more 1/2 gals.  Soooo the customer service line was LONG I brought 4 ice creams home, we are good to go. LOL

Who knows I may be in San Francisco or NYC for shot #2, they way things are going. LOL

I hope you have a good day also, I really have.  Sometimes it is fun to run without a leash or caregiver.

Y'all enjoy today, I am going to. Today I  said only one bad word and that was  'sh-t'; it was pointed at my ignorant self not my neighbor.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Do you prefer yellow onions or sweet ones?

PS2: A friend of mine remarried and he is 85.  Three months later I asked him how it was going . His reply, "It's like the man who jumped off a 20 story building, as he passed the 10th floor he thought, so far so good!"  True conversation!!!!!  So that is my day, so far so good!


Mevely317 said...

That Starlight (car) is so funny!
Over here shaking my head at the Walgreens lady. Masks or not, I suspect the art of listening is quickly disappearing. I wonder if that lady behind you at the pump was thinking something might be wrong with the meter? I've not had that happen to me, but anytime something strikes me as wonky, I'm likely to whip out my cell phone and take a picture with the time and date stamp. Onions? Tom likes the yellow ones, but I'm partial to purple (red, whatever).

PS - Enjoy that ice cream!

Susan Kane said...

Walgreens lady obviously has an attitude problem.
I hate shopping, while John enjoys it. I make a list, go racing, end up by the ice cream and then check out.
Vidalia onions, of course!

Glenda said...

Those crazies out there will beat you down; you'll no longer remember who is wrong or right....I believe you should call Jackie Leon Darnell, Jr and ask him to see if all is good? Ijs

Unknown said...

So you "accidentally" charged yourself for 4 ice creams? That's your story and you're sticking to it? Did Sherry buy your story? LOL! Enjoy all that ice cream. My husband could eat ice cream all day every day, but I gotta rein him in. Onions? Any kind but the ones that were recalled last week. We threw them all out and bought fresh ones. We love onions on everything.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I really like your PS2 - brilliant.

I'm always forgetful when doing the shopping. I go in the supermarket for various groceries and come out with wine and chocolates.

Enjoy your holiday.

God bless.

Dar said...

If I don't take a shopping list, I way overdo it. Guilty! We grow yellow, sweet white and red onions. However, the yellow are the best long time keepers braided and hung in the cool cellar. We love them all. I always let Bill get the gas....not that I can't but as long as he's in town more than me, well, it can be his job, right? I'll bet your bookkeeper is in shock of todays prices compared to 10 yrs. ago. Mercy! Four half gallons???? I'm guessing at least a cho and a butter pecan...:) yum. Now I'm craving ice cream. Another thing I do not like doing is self check-out. I always screw it up somewhere along the line. lol
loven'hugs from our chilly north where I have 5 pie pumpkins baking off in the way to warm the house til the woodstove kicks in and it smells like pie.

Lisa said...

Self check out can be tricky. I do not mind it if I only have a couple things but now when I go to the walmart market place, They never have registers open so I have to ring up my whole buggy full of stuff.
I laughed at your 4 gallons of icecream.