Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things we gotta have!

Just a couple shots of Las Vegas at night!

Today's exciting entry!!!!

There are things I just gotta have. A lot like the Linus’s blanket in the Snoopy comics. When I travel I must have tools. All I can load in. I need at least a gallon of oil and a gal of antifreeze. I try to have one of every fuse and one of every light bulb. Gotta have my skil saw and drill. Oh, a lot more, that I just cannot do without.

A lot like makeup, Rose was talking about you ladies MUST have. Funny how when a lady gets up she improves as the day goes on. But you are stuck with how we men look. When we get up that is the best we are gonna look all day. HA!

I have a major assortment of tools in the basement. I have a junk drawer up here with hand tools in it. I am fortunate as a handyman; I can seem to get things working somehow. Sometimes, like with this computer, I don’t know what I have done, but it got done.

Once at church the organ quit. The preacher asked if I could take a quick look at it. It was an older organ, lots of relays and switches. I walked up to it and felt like a good jar would cause a better electrical contact somewhere. So I just slapped it real hard on the side “WHACK”, I said, now try it. It worked like a charm.

Know where I learned that? Remember ‘Ma & Pa kettle’? That is how they got their radio to work. I have seen it work many times however with today’s electronics that seldom works (ESPECIALLY ON COMPUTERS!).

Norton has been telling me he is gone for a few weeks; Mr. Norton FINALLY told Sherry he was leaving, so we went to Best Buy and bought a replacement. Now just try to crash my system you virus and diseases, Mr. Norton is inside on duty again. HA!

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog

A little girl had just finished her first week of school. 'I'm just wasting my time,' she said to her mother. 'I can't read, I can't write, and they won't let me talk!'
School can be frustrating….. As in Honey I’m Home!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you are so handy and were able to get that Mr. Norton back on the job too! The lights at night there are fantastic!

~mel said...

I had a television that responded quite well to a good whacking every now and then ... then one day it just up and died. Speaking of junk drawers ~ is there a limit on how many of those a house can legally have?? Because, I believe I just may be breaking the law. lol

Anonymous said...

Praise to your hands.

Please have you all a good Friday.

daily athens

shirl72 said...

How exciting to be in Las Vegas and see all
the beautiful colorful lights. Lori called
she is in London heading for Paris tomorrow.
My friends just travel all the time. I just
got through entertaining at An Assisted Living
Village somebody has to stay home and keep
things in order how exciting can that be.
Hope you had a good evening with Aunt Aggie and
Cuz Dewey.


Bookncoffee said...

I'm sure you all are taking in some sights in Las Vegas. Hold on to your pockets. Like I have right to advice, I've never been. So have fun for me too. lol.

Yes, we HAVE to HAVE some stuff with us! Hope you all have a nice evening.

betty said...

LOL about Mr. Norton; of course it took me a bit to realize what you were talking about, but I (finally) got it.

always good to be a handyman and have the tools you need when you need them. when we travel, hubby has his things we need to bring along too :)

ever wonder about the electric bills at some of those casinos with all their lights?


Dar said...

Just a quick 'bye'...we head out tomorrow after Bill's eye appt. Wanted to tell you quick, how much we enjoyed Rags and S'gar...awesome reads... let's see if this sends to you.....danged P/C
Maybe we will cross paths somewhere along the way...but how would I know...da
By the way Jack, Your 'Gotta Have' list, it's gotta be a 'man thing'...funny

Y said...

I'm reading The Egg and I, the book that I believe Ma and Pa Kettle came from. LOL funny! It sounds like my and Richard's life in Coker Creek.

I know how the little girl felt on her first day of school...

Fred Alton said...

Smacking the old radios and TVs was the best way to get them to line up and play properly! I did that once right after I had left electronics tech school in Groton Conneticut. The lady had asked me for my help so - after discovering the wall plug had fallen out of the socket and reconnecting it, I gave a mighty swaAck with my hand and VOILA!

Jen said...

Wow. You really are prepared. I had a spare tire and a jack...not sure if there was air in the spare...

Ally Lifewithally said...

Enjoy Lavegus it sounds wonderful ~ Ally x

Jimmy's Journal said...

I love Las Vegas ! I, too, remember Ma and Pa Kettle and I always liked their movies.

As for tools, I've found that the minute I take a screwdriver or a pair of plyers out of the kitchen catch-all drawer and put it in my toolbox, I need it the next day. Now I have two sets of each.