Wednesday, September 15, 2010

VIVA Las VEgas, I have heard that many times.

Okay we are here in 'Sin City' as my cousin refers to his new home. I cannot cover all the glitter of course, there is too much here. I cannot imagine the Billions and Billions that have been spent here. Makes one wonder why folks come here to 'WIN", They don't build this stuff off winners folks. Jerry Clower (a deceased comedian, one of my favorites) talked of his friend Marcelle Ledbetter.
"Marcelle went to las vegas in a $9,ooo car, The boy returned in a $90,000 bus!"

A joke but it has happened more times than not.

Sherry took the above picture, I did not use the Camera down town either, a little too busy. I didn't even see the 'butt' up in the corner! (ha!)
This is our map back to the East Coast. All tentative as most of our trips are. But from LV, we will meet Buddy (the inspiration for Buddy in my books). Haven't seen buddy since 1956. We will meet in that hard name to spell, Albuquerque (?) soon.
From there down to the border and if we deem it safe will visit a dentist in Mexico.
Then to SAn Antonio. We love the River walk and the History surrounding the Alamo and my hero Davy Crockett. Hope to visit friends there.
Then a change has been made. WE were gonna stop by Nawlins on the way, but we are going on to Biloxi. We will do many day trips out of there such as: it is Nawins for Beneighs and coffee at the 'Cafe du Monde'. To Florida to renew Sherry's Drivers license. To Mobile to see friends. Biloxi is the center of a long awaited reunion of folks from our Biloxi times. Most we haven't seen in over 50 years. Then Arley Alabama. From there? either NC or FL or GA or SC who knows.

Below the Sahara. the rest of the pictures are mostly self explainatory. LV has changed since we last visited, the Strip has slipped away from down town.

Can yoy imagine what it takes to make Donnie and Marie over a hundred feet tall?

The MGM of course.

New York New York. Those sky scrapers are real folks.

The unique also, Must be a 70-80 ft. Coke bottle with an elevator inside.

What does it take to put Elvis on that huge building? He is appearing here?

Naturally you have to have a picture of the GIANT harley coming out of that building.

Ahhhh, Paris. yeah we have been to the real thing. Didn't go up in the real thing either, one of those few, 'I wish we had done it' things we have.


The gold building, Trump Towers.

Not sure.

That space needle is BIG folks youcan see it for miles.

That is the base of the needle onthe left. The Rat Pack is Back, according to some advertisements, How do they do that? hahahaha!

The big, the gaudy, the flashy, the beautiful and the amazing las Vegas and this is just a part of the views from 'The STrip'.
I am a person for natural beauty, but I can admire what it takes to create these places of entertainment. Our cup of tea is the 'land of the Free'. But this is a good break and maybe I will invest a few quarters, if we go back down town.
WE cannot remember seeing Vegas at night, we will have to do that.
Thanks for coming by the LOG.
Nite Shipslog
So as I sat in my padded cell after explaining to the Police that the SAhara was mine.
They asked how I knew that.
"God told me so!" I said loudly and adamantly.
From the next cell over came a small voice.......... "I did not!"
Please send money, I need to get out of here.


Rose said...

So, you folks are in Sin City and have not seen it at night yet? As for me, I've never been there.

I have not traveled much but Sin City would not interest me as I'm not a gambler......the glitter and glamour may appeal to me but not enough to go.

You can renew your license online now. Check it out. Providing a new picture is not required at this time.

Hugs, Rose

Paula said...

We stayed at the Imperial Palace. There is an antique car display on one of the floors. I always wondered how they got all those cars up there. The fire alarm went off while we were in our room and that was very scary since they made us stay inside and keep the door closed. Turned out someone had opened an exit door and set it off. Wish you could see the lights at night from a plane.

shirl72 said...

It sure looks different since I was there.
We stayed at Caesars Palace. The City never
sleeps. Hope you enjoy your night out with kin
folks. Enjoyed seeing what it looks like today.
Have fun.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That place would be a sight to see, but not in my life time I'm afraid, so I thank you for all the pictures. It looks like you will have a long and pleasant trip ahead of you. Way back when, my DDH was stationed in Biloxi. That name brings back some memories. He was discharged from there in the 60's. I drove down with my Mom to bring him home.

Cher' Shots said...

Funny that you mentioned Jerry Clower and Marcelle Ledbetter ~ We have some of Jerry's recordings and listen to them in as we travel. Good clean humor!
Thanks for taking me throuugh Vegas. I'm saving a ton of money by traveling this way. 'hugs from afar' Cher

Anonymous said...

What a dream you seem to live. Visiting all these great places. Thank you for the nice pictures. Guess whenever being there, I'd like to marry in one of these famous "drive-through" chapels. Please have a good Thursday and always a safe road ahead. Impressed.

betty said...

are you and Sherry planning to ride the roller coaster that is on top of one of the hotels??? sounds like fun (not)! all great pictures; looks like it was a nice day out to take them, hope it wasn't too hot. I remember one time driving to Las Vegas (years ago, about 30 years) when you were driving on Highway 15 and after you crossed the Nevada border,at night driving, you could see the lights of Las Vegas already beaming ahead. Even then it was dazzling :)

my mom used to enjoy going to the casinos to gamble years ago too. They would sponsor bus loads of senior citizens, $5.00 for the bus ride, sometimes free, but casinos would always give free coupons for food, etc. 24-hour junkets but she and my aunt always took them when they could (my mom set a $20.00 gambling budget when she went :)

looks like you guys have a good route planned for your return home!! going south like that will help prevent hopefully getting caught in any bad weather


Y said...

The Folies Bergere at the Tropicana is everything you ever saw on TV regarding Vegas showgirls. I recommend it highly!

Jen said...

I was not impressed with Vegas. I like Nawlins a whole lot better.