Thursday, October 28, 2010

Should I or not, that question again!!!!

My little job turned into much more than it should. But it is over and finished. I don’t think I will hire out again. Hahahahaha!

I had to add at least one car, this was the Studebaker. The saying was,'Which way is it going?'

I cannot work long above my head any more. My arms tire too easily. Should seniors get into an exercise program? Well I should rephrase that, should seniors start a home exercise program? Since it is a fact we cannot be part of a regular regimented program at a gym or city organization.
(What senior could pass this up? No comments about the vacuum, Jimmy!))

I seem to be able to exercise good for a few days, then I find something else to take the time up. I am not too good at changing my routines. That is funny in itself because my normal routine is no routine. I used to brag about not wasting my time on TV, because we basically NEVER watch TV, but I do interact with this computer too many hours a day.

I guess my question mainly is: can I get stronger physically, such as; lift more, do more over head work have more stamina, etc? Or do we just wear down or wear out?

It has become a frustration to admit I cannot do what I used to. My BIL Vernon says it takes him all night to do what he used to do all night long. I think that is a little brag, but has some facts to it.

I think I am gonna give in and ask a Doctor to prescribe some cholesterol lowering medicine next month. If it is still high. I sorta hate to do that because all my peers seemed to start with one med, and before you knew it they had three, then four. Oh well, I should be able to say NO!

Shucks, I am over 70 and have never had regular meds to take, I guess I should not complain. There is nothing wrong with me except: I can’t hear, I have high cholesterol, bunions, hammer toes, I’m bald and my feet stink. Every time I ask for a second opinion I get “And you are ugly”. Thank goodness bald, bunions, hammer toes, wrinkles and ugly do not hurt.

(I don't know about this sword fighting at the home, this could be dangerous!)

When I was a kid my feet got dirty especially on the back of the Achilles tendon, now they get dirty all over, wonder why that is? I have learned to ask the deepest physiological questions!

(Remember when you were a kid, you used to wade? This takes it to a new high!)

Sorry to take up your time, but I am glad you came this way.
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You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks.
Q: What's the difference between a general practitioner and a specialist?
A: One treats what you have; the other thinks you have what he treats.


Paula said...

Sounds as if you have a handle on aging. Exercising is like going to church if you miss one time then its easy to keep making excuses.

betty said...

I think we need to keep exercising all our muscles and brain so we need a bit of physical exercise; a good walk is the best form in my opinion; buy some hand weights and walk with them, that might build up some strength

it is probably a good idea to treat the cholesterol if you have had problems with it being high for a few years. What amazes me is to see people on over 20 medicines (I kid you not). I just don't know......I have trouble swallowing one pill, I can't imagine 20!

so maybe I better keep on exercising......


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the SMILES this morning with those cute exercise pictures. I'm always a day behind in reading it seems. I think that for someone your age you are doing just great!

Anonymous said...

Jack i resemble those remarks. LOL dont work to hard and take your time .Tell your wife doris said hello
Your friends
John and Doris

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Dad had a Studebaker...i remember riding to school everyday in far as aging....walk it's the best and the
Stay's bbbrrrrrr..up here today!!


shirl72 said...

Take the cholestoral pill and be happy that is the only one you have to take. Unless you can keep on a lower cholestoral diet. Everything that
is good is high in cholestoral. You do want
to keep your arteries clear. Remember Heart
Attacks on Dad's side of the family.


Anonymous said...

Jack, thanks for the great post that at 79 years of age I can certainly relate to.
Remember that Studebaker and also the Edsel. Worked in a gas station in 1949 ns was checking the oil on one. When I slammed closed the hood the mouth type decoration fell off and the owner said throw it in the trunk along with the other junk that has fallen off.
Never exorcized in my life and since retiring I golf and consider that exorcize even though I ride in a cart. Like you I know I should do it but never find the time.
At the least you should walk a couple of miles at a good pace. Other exorcize also as tolerated.
Never had a pill until I was 70 and then got high blood pressure then cholesterol added another pill.
Since my fall and related infection a month ago and surgery I am on four more pills for infection. They should only be necessary for another week or so I hope.
Now I am going to search you blog for Sticky so I can read it off line. The disk worked well but I really like to hold the books when I read in bed.
Take care.

Lucy said...

Jack, I hate to tell you this but you only have one thing wrong. You are getting older. Liked the illustrations.

Fred Alton said...

Loved the Studebaker! It was ahead of it's time with economical operation - and easy to work on too. I never work concrete any more and never work overhead, unless it's an absolute must. I think I ruined my shoulders when I was 60 by joining the "Y" and trying to show out in front of Frances. I refused to go to the doc with it for fear he would want to do surgery and put me on that "buncha pills"!

Anonymous said...

Most of the time while facing such a question, I "did"; which in the end introduced me to a newer me.

Wishing you all the very best and a great weekend for you all. Interesting finds indeed the pictures.

Rose said...

One of my brother's taught me how to drive in his Studebaker. It was Navy Blue and a stick shift and I kept bucking that car for hours! LOL

Glad they had automatic shifts when I took my driver's license test. LOL

I just added two more days to my Silver Sneakers Classes...Ugh..I'll tell you, it's tough.

No matter what state you are in, if the gym has Silver Sneakers Classes, you can join in with your card! Sign up! LOL It is totally free if you are on Humana Gold Plus Health Insurance.

Hugs, Rose

Hugs, Rose