Friday, December 16, 2011

Any Strange Eating Habits

My girl has only one strange eating habit, anything chocolate.  She has been thrilled by some doctor study that dark chocolate is good for you!


I forgot, she does have one characteristic that I think is strange, she can eat just a bite of something.  Not me, I want the whole thing. I remember a friend in Cuba telling her how amazed she was that Sherry could just eat a bite. Her remark was ‘If I take a quart of Ice Cream out of the freezer, it never goes back in. The container goes in the trash’. Many times Sherry will say, I just want a taste. I cannot do that and be happy.

(Street lights in Hershey, PA are kisses)

hershey street lights

(The light is vanilla or butter pecan though, LOL)

As I type this, she is fixing supper. Beans, cabbage, and salmon patties. I had to have a bite of canned salmon before she mixed it up, but I really did want the whole can!!!

What do I get? I get the cabbage core, when I was younger if daddy wasn’t around I got the whole core. If he was there I had to share it. I love the core with salt. I like most veggies raw, but about the only ones I eat raw are carrots and Celery.  Every once in a while I like some ‘sweet onion’ with some salt. I also eat what peelings there are if an apple is peeled.

I have a friend who eats all of an apple except the stem. I do that sometimes. Roughage it is called. hahaha!

Meat? I Love chicken and fish. Of course I love a good steak (any cut) but we have cut waaaay back on red meat. I will eat soy (fake meat), I think I like all wild meat, never tried bear though. I ate pheasant once and duck once didn’t care for either. Never ate a ‘possom nor ‘coon. Love rabbit and squirrel. Mama made some of the best squirrel gravy. Love quail but only had it a couple times when I was trying to raise them.

I enjoy food too much, I think. I have wondered if other folks had tastes for things like cabbage cores? These holidays are the time for food, it seems like.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the cabbage core too. When we were kids my mom would always slice it up and give us a piece. Now when I have cabbage I always have to eat it. I like salmon patties too, but not the plain stuff. I've never been a picky eater at all and like most anything. You can tell it when you take a look at me too. Stopping at just one bite never works for me either. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Paula said...

It's about time for me to cook some salmon patties again. I like to put the left overs in a covered dish and just grab one cold for a snack.

betty said...

I remember my mom liking the cabbage core! Good for Sherry only being able to take one bite of something for a taste. I'm like that with some things (but never with chocolate :)


Anonymous said...

They say even over here, that dark chocolate is good for the health.
Currently am down to once a day a meal, tea otherwise and a cup of coffee. Said to get winter from next week. Thank you very much for your kind words.
Please have you all a good weekend ahead.

Fred Alton said...

I think I like all raw fruit. One veggie that I have learned to eat raw that many folks I meet have not tried is yellow squash. Get them young and tender and they are delicious! One of the best tasting things was a raw turnip - after a romp through the mountains. I came up on a home of a friend who had a lot of turnips on the porch. I was so hungry and thirsty that when they said, "Have a turnip." I jumped for it. Soooooo sweet and refreshing! I'm like you though - I don't just take one bite. I'll eat the whole thing. ☻

Lindie said...

I like most vegetables raw. Or cooked! Just love vegetables. Never tried a cabbage core. Shamed to say it went in the trash. Now I must try it!

Anonymous said...

I love Chocolate! Tell Sherry to try Ghiradelli, it's the best!



I do that too. Only take a bite out of the ice cream and put it back. LOL My daughter used to eat the whole carton when she lived with us. You brought back my childhood, Jack. Like MA said, "When we were kids my mom would always slice up the cabbage core and give us each a piece, too." Tasted yummy. We eat raw vegtables with our dinner here on many nights. Snowpeas, radishes, celery, cauliflower, carrots. I only had duck once, and I did not care for it either. LOL Take care.

Ken Riches said...

Not much of a cabbage fan unless it is in the form of cole slaw.

Rose said...

I can never taste just one bite of anything!

Lately, I've been craving sweets....never interested me before.

I never tried eating the cabbage core. I'll remember not to throw it away next you eat it raw? I do love my veggies!

The Delauney is one classy car!

Hugs, Rose

Rose said...

Forgot to say:

I'm quite impressed reading your books! Kudos!

I'm trying to get mine started. I need a push!

Hugs, Rose

Amelia said...

I'm also someone that has to have the whole thing... absolutely no self control here!