Monday, December 19, 2011

Can I call this a Crunchy Salad?

I snack a lot in the evenings, I eat pretzels and apples usually. Some evenings I eat lo-fat tortilla chips and a corn and black bean pasta. I love that. (Citrus is also in, YEAH!)

Last night Sherry was preparing Lasagna for  so I thought I would get in her way and make me a snack.  While the sauce was simmering, I washed and cut into 1/2” to 3/4” chunks three carrots and three stalks of celery. Added to the bowl was about three tablespoons of Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing. I sprinkled Mrs Dash (original) liberally and a little salt. I found a 1/4 sweet onion in the refer, cut it up and added it.

lasagna 001

(The bowl was full 20 minutes ago)

Sherry needed a block of Mozzarella cut into slices, so what I had left was chunked and added to my snack. I liked it.  I had some dried Raspberries, I should have added those, but I didn’t.  My problem is I make this for the evening and eat it in 20 minutes. Shucks, now what else can I make?

lasagna 003

(Lasagna being put together, I just noticed the box behind the Pyrex, yeah you guessed it, Chocolate Hazelnut Rolls, Sherry’s goodies.)

I like Mrs. Dash, since I don’t know a thing about spices (except ketchup, salt and pepper). I use that so I can say I added some spices. I am laughing to myself. We came home last year and a baggie of green leaves was on our step. I looked around, not gonna touch the stuff. I knew it was  marijuana someone had delivered to the wrong place.  In awhile Sherry got a call from Mary, Corinne’s mama, “Did you find  the parsley I left you?”

“Sure did, and thanks,” whew mystery cleared and we ain’t headed to jail. hahaha.

lasagna 004

(That is Parmesan Cheese on top and a pound of mozzarella inside with a lot of goodies.)

The lasagna is finished and ready for the refer, we found a spot for it, barely. This recipe is the best lasagna I have ever tasted. Sherry got it from Joan Doughton while we were in the Navy. She serves it with a salad and Garlic bread. MMM good.

Now I am trying to slow the chunky salad down, I have added green tea and mixed nuts on the side.

Glad you came along to read the log. I appreciate it.

Nite Shipslog


Often when we lose hope and think this is the end, GOD smiles from above and says, "Relax, sweetheart, it's just a bend, not the end!


Speaking of Bend…. USA Studebakers were built in South Bend, IN.  SB is Also the home of some University, Oh yeah, Notre Dame. LOL


Looks like a load of ‘48-‘49 Studebakers loaded on a Studebaker hauler followed by two Studebaker pickups.


Lucy said...

Your "salad" sounds good and looks good, even if you ate nearly all of it. Lasagna once a year is fine but Sherrys does look good. Mrs. Dash table blend plus original helps to replace the taste of salt. Joe is not supposed to have salt except for what is in whatever he is eating. He uses No-Salt if Mrs. Dash does not do the trick. I just had breakfast but your "crunchy salad" makes me hungry for 'crisp'.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love Lasagna and fixed some for my gang this past Saturday. I found some delicious garlic bread at a bakery that had actual garlic bulbs in it. Boy it was good. We had lots of other goodies too. For me that was the icing on the cake though as I don't fix it for just me. I like that Mrs. Dash too and have found that if I sprinkle some in a can of chicken noodle soup it tastes almost homemade. Green tea and and most any kind of nuts are my favorite snacks. I found a can of mixed nuts labeled Winter Spice Nuts that are wonderful. One thing I never fail to do is eat well. Now all this talk of food has reminded me it must be lunch time! Hope you all have a great Monday!

Jean said...

That food sound so good and mouth watering making me hungry and I haven't been long ate breakfast. Yes we both slept late this morning.Lol. I don't care for many spices I guess it's because I was raise on just salt and pepper in foods. I have to have that on most everything. Lol. Take care. Jean


Salad you made sounds pretty tasty. My daughter LOVES Mrs. Dash. Swears by her. I have to tell you that photo of the lasagna has my mouthwatering, though. It's LOOKS so DELICIOUS. Do you have any leftovers you could save for me? LOL Had to chuckle about the sandwich bag of green leaves that was on your step. I once dumped a box of CatNip in one of those bags and hid it away in a drawer and FORGOT about it. When I rediscovered it I got so paranoid. Was convinced the bad guys had been in the house and left a bag of pot. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Am I ignorant or what I didn't remember that Studebaker made trucks! Remember the cars though!
Your salad sounds yummy, always looking for a good salad recipe!

Anonymous said...

But now I want lasagna, salad & garlic bread......

shirl72 said...

We had a red 64 Studebaker truck plus 5 other
Studebakers. 38, 2--53, 56 Hawk, 50 convertable
and the truck. Your salad looks good my kind
of food. I have walnuts and almonds waiting for
me in the kitchen. Is Sherry's lasagna easy to
make. That is what we having for the week-end.


Paula said...

Your salad looks so good. Our male part of the company got very ill after eating a salad plus other things one night. They swore off salad the rest of the time they were here saying we live too close to Mexico and the lettuce probably came from there and it may have.

Amelia said...

You are making me hungry lol