Sunday, December 11, 2011


Some times they are easy to make, other times not.  Have you ever said, “I’ll NEVER do this again!” And meant it!  But sometime later you find that never isn’t so long sometimes.

Sherry and I walk and talk a lot. some of our best days are when we just forget how far, and just enjoy the conversation.

08272009 037

(Sherry is standing about a mile into the wilderness here on a lake. We walked a couple miles into and out of the Wilderness.)

Some of you know that we have hiked 1850 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Sherry’s dream was to finish it. I went along for the ride.  I tell everyone, that girl had followed me all over the world, when she said let’s hike the trail (her idea) I said, “ Why not?”

08242009 011

(This is one river (before the 100 mile wilderness that you cannot ford, too dangerous, The ATC keeps a man here with a canoe to take you back and forth)

That 1850 miles took most of 4 or 5 summers. We had thought we could walk the 2267 miles in one summer(what is called a thru-hike), but that was a miss-dream. On one of our walks lately she has talked about supporting me to finish the trail.  I have thought of that, and even thought I said, “I think we will never finish”. Now somehow I think we can. Maybe not the way some folks do, but I think I can do it with her help.

We call this R&R (Rocks and roots)

08172009 02308172009 024

Lot of soggy places

One of the most daunting challenges is the 100 mile wilderness, no support for 100 miles in Maine. The distance is no big deal. We hiked the 100 miles thru the Smokies with only one stop available for supplies at New Found Gap, and we did not take it. The problem with the wilderness is the rivers and creeks. You must ford them with some of them 4 feet deep, carrying the pack over your head. I think that bothers my girl a little.


(MY girl the map reader, trail or motor home)

I hope this coming summer we can go  to Maine and start back tracking to New Hampshire where we quit. Yeah, I know that is easy to say sitting in Florida, but what the heck, if you are alive, you have to be doing something, right?

My good buddy Vondale says, “I know you can do it Jack, but why would you want to?” My only answer is I have no idea, I just want to.

So maybe Never is this summer. One reason is, because if it is not, we ain’t getting any younger, and it can only get harder. hahaha

Thanks for coming this way.

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Sheila Y said...

I hope things go well and you get to finish the trail. But what you two have accomplished so far is pretty great. That is a beautiful area in the pictures. Take care, Sheila

Cher' Shots said...

Well if anybody can do it, it's you two! I can offer prayer support loaded with love.
'love & hugs from afar'

betty said...

I think that would be neat if you guys finished the trail, Sherry and Jack! That 100-mile stretch does sound a bit daunting, but I'm sure if you decide to do it, with the proper planning and with the encouragement of each other, you'll get through it with relatively no problems! You definitely have the stamina with the amount of walking you do! Looking forward to reading about the adventures if you do try to finish the trail and whatever you can share about it!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That would be a challenge for sure. I know it's something I wouldn't even try. My hiking days are over, but then you all are probably in better shape than I. I cannot imagine sleeping on the ground...I'd never get up again. If you can dream it you can do it! I think Walt Disney said that. Maybe in your case dreams do come true.

Anonymous said...

What a challenge ! What an adventure ! My very best wishes upon it. Impressed I am. Please have you all a good new week ahead.

Anonymous said...

Jack you know I will be 76 come March. I was
discussing this with Smoky saying I think I
am getting old.........He said add 5 years and
that started me thinking. 80 I better do what
I want to do now. Live one day at a time.


Paula said...

I'll be here cheering you and Sherry on as you hike the trail. I know you can do it if you want to.

Anonymous said...

Jack I know you and Sherry can do it and like Paula I will be cheering you on.Take care. Jean

Cloudia said...

oh I LOVE the corvair!!!

I admire the spirit you both display here. thank you for inspiring us.

Aloha from Waikiki

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It sounds like an exciting adventure. If anyone can do it, it's you guys. But the obstacles along the way are real and possibly dangerous. So you must be CAUTIOUS. Keep us posted. We'll be watching, waiting and praying for your safe return. Nice photos of you and Sherry by the river. Those roots and rocks look daunting. Take care.

Y said...

When Sherry says she'll support you does that mean she'll go with you or call the rangers if she doesn't hear from you? Inquiring minds (mine) want to know.

Fred Alton said...

From Maine and moving south? If it's very cold I would be motivated to move hurriedly south! Smile ☻

Amelia said...

Do it! You seem like a determined person and can do anything you put your mind to!