Sunday, December 18, 2011

Out with the Old

Our Motor home came with a Microwave/Convection Oven combination. About a year ago the front panel showed signs of coming loose. A few days ago the Door was hard to open. It usually jumped out when the release was pressed. All of a sudden ‘no-jumpee’. But you could pull it open, so we could still use it. A couple days ago Sherry was thawing something and the turn table would not turn (No biggie). We could still use it.


My usual routine is, find one on the internet and see what the problem is and as a last resort, HOW MUCH WILL IT COST TO REPLACE? I need the model #. It is just inside the door. NOW THE DOOR WON’T OPEN, but I am resourceful, two large screw drivers pry the sucker open.

To replace it, $595.00. OUCH! …… My sweet heart to the rescue, ‘we don’t need the convection, just the microwave’. Better, now the over the stove Micro is ONLY $185.00.

Removing and installing in a Motor home is not like a home. A little tricky. But it is now installed, OUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT, it was on sale for $173 tax and all.


New microwave 003

The old one weighed 70 lbs, the new Micro Wave was about 30 lbs less, NICE.

Living on the road has some of the same drawbacks as your house, things still go wrong. I was thinking, that has lasted well, it was a SHARP Oven. It died at 12 yrs old. I thought about trying to get it fixed, but replacing it was better. I never buy the extra service or extended warrantees, maybe I have been fortunate, but most stuff lasts long enough, if I bought and renewed the ins, I would usually pay for a new ‘whatever’.

I am pretty good at accepting things, if it goes bad after the normal warranty, I will accept the loss without saying, ‘I shoulda got the maintenance agreement.’ NOW THAT IS MY PHILOSOPHY, NOT MY RECCOMMENDATION TO ANYONE. Everyone must decide for themselves about that stuff.

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Things in life are temporary. If going well, enjoy it, it will not last forever. If going wrong, don't worry, it can't last long either. (We all say that in many different ways, but it is true world wide!)


1961 VW truck. One durable piece of plunder (a quote from my dad)


shirl72 said...

Glad you got everything fixed. The only reason
I have this Kitchen is it came with the Condo.
I think I could do without a Kitchen I might
close it until Summer. Things do just as good
in the microwave and there is a resturant on every corner some in walkiing distance. Guess
I better check the kitchen out for snacks. LOL

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Things in life are temporary. If going well, enjoy it, it will not last forever. If going wrong, don't worry, it can't last long either...wiser words were never said. I was just sitting here thinking about out with the old and here you have an entry about it. Quiet day here after the big blast yesterday and the snow we got is just about gone too.

Ken Riches said...

Glad you could get a less complicated replacement.

Paula said...

Shirl is a gal after my own heart. I'm sure glad I didn't get the company spoiled to cooking for them the first time they visited. I don't ever buy a warranty either even for a car. Especially for a car.


What a great little Christmas gift. Congratulations on the new microwave. May it last as long or longer than the last one did. Seems everything today is diposable.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating blog!

Anonymous said...

A promise in the making. Glad to hear about the nice outcome. Happy and good tastes for you all, and a good new week of course as well.

Fred Alton said...

Man, Jack! It's high time you got Sherry that new micro-wave. haha. Looks like you let it totally die first though...waited til the turntable wouldn't work - then til the door wouldn't open. Now that's what I call getting your money's worth out of an item. You did a GREAT JOB of replacing it. Looks professional in the picture and I'm happy for you.

Jean said...

I'm like you Jack I don't buy the extended warranty on anything either. Only the last little camera it was just a few dollars most things we have we get good use from them. That was a nice Christmas gift to you both. Take care. Jean

Anonymous said...

Nope, you still have to buy her a lovely Christmas present ;).~Mary

Amelia said...

Glad you got it replaced. Sometiemes fixing it yourself is cheaper... if you know what you are doing. Other times it's just better to replace it.