Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do you shop for fun, or necessities?

I think it is a male/female thing. I generally go in to a store because I know what I want. That is hardware or clothes only. Food? a completely different matter.

I remember reading once, never shop hungry, I have found that to be true. So I try not to do that.  I stick with the list and am out of there in record time.

But to most of you females, shopping is a sport. Enjoyment. I remember very well when Sherry’s sisters were alive, the three could go all day and never buy a thing. BUT when Lennie did buy something, the joke was, it will be returned tomorrow.

I will have to admit, I enjoy ‘SHOPPING’ yard sales. They are sorta like surprise shopping, you NEVER know what will be on the lawn or table. For example this past summer in New Hampshire I bought a perfectly good, brand new hearing aid for 50 cents, batteries included. I tried it at home and it worked, so now I have  back up.

I prefer yard sales to Sears/Walmart/Target because of the prices and variety. So I shouldn’t be so hard on ladies who like to browse, or shop.

Saturday morning is our Yard sale time, no matter where we are, home or wandering. We normally shop for books or something small, in a motor home it is usually something new in, something older must go.  But many times we can squeeze something in. LOL

Actually our van is sort of a storage building. the back normally has some oddity in it.

So, I am sorry I have judged ladies so harshly about shopping. I really didn’t mean it. Go ahead knock yourself out.  I will be at the yard sales looking at the 25 cent box.

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I try not to think I am smarter or better than other folk, but there are times I have to wonder.



I love this 1933 Buick!(Yeah, I know, I say that about every old car!)


Paula said...

We like the thrift stores. Have our favorite in S.A. and on Monday and Wednesday we get a senior discount of 25% off our entire purchase. Their prices are higher then they used to be but it is understandable as the new prices have gone up so much.

betty said...

I'm not a shopper; I'm the one with the list and let's get out of here as quick as we can. Hubby likes to browse slowly the aisles; its a lesson in patience shopping with him, LOL. I like to look at garage sales too; I've gotten some sweatshirts at them for less than a dollar that are perfectly fine to wear around the house. Now my MIL was the shopper, LOL. It was definitely her hobby :)

hope you guys have a great day!


Elizabeth said...

I do love shopping and I can shop all day and buy nothing, but I thoroughly enjoy it!

shirl72 said...
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love shopping especially when I can get something for someone else. Truthfully most of my extra $ goes to others. With a family like mine it's easy to do. Hope you enjoy the yard sales...and have a wonderful Wednesday!

shirl72 said...

They say I shop like I am on a
mission from GOD. I do love
shopping. Don't always buy anything
but love browsing. I love con-signment shops you can get good
bargins there. We ladies are
made for shopping.

Anonymous said...

I try to shop once a week. If between, it is mostly with our son and for a bit of chocolate.

Please have you all a good Thursday.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay okay - I DO LOVE TO SHOP - don't have that much money to do it - but I LOVE IT!

~mel said...

I hate shopping, especially for clothing ~ hate it with a passion. I am the one who does it out of necessity... and my wardrobe is proof of it:) Mind you though - I do appreciate a good bargain. I was looking at a website today that had women's blouses that sold for over $1,000.00! A thousand bucks!! for a shirt!!! Now to me that's just plain crazy ~ I don't care what kind of material it's made out of or who designed it. Maybe if I win the BIG LOTTO I'll change my mind:)...and buy my dear friend his very OWN hearing aids. LOL Then you can give Slim your $50 backups ~ because he can't afford to get the new ones that he desperately needs.

Ken Riches said...

Yard sales have merit, but you have to have the time (like you do!). I love on-line shopping, but not in person shopping.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes fun, but less so than I used to(because I gave so much money away). I don't miss shopping at all.~Mary