Monday, October 15, 2012

Tree hugging, I prefer Sherry!

As a builder  I was once invited to attend a 3 day school  by a steel company that was promoting metal studs, expenses paid.

steel framing

I did learn a lot at the school, but never switched to steel studs. I saw no advantage, except termites cannot eat steel. They were also more expensive.

The steel stud was more expensive than wood, and it is hard to tell a carpenter, “Hey, you cannot drive a nail into that!”  I could also see many house wives (and husbands) calling me names because they could not drive nails into the stud to hang pictures. 

wood framing

(With wood framing you install the insulation and install a vapor barrier by stapling it  up, not sure how you do this with steel)

I love trees. I have liked saw mills and the smell  since I was a puppy.  As a kid playing in the woods, it was a thrill to run across an giant abandoned  sawdust pile. Diving, rolling and jumping in the soft stuff was even better than diving in leaves.

I have read and heard many arguments about not cutting a tree to build, make paper towels etc. My stand is: Wood is a renewable natural product. Timber companies today are replanting as they cut. The forest itself re-seeds.

What are we saving by using metal studs? Nothing! But we are wasting a non-renewable resource (Coal-Nat-gas) used to make that stud. I read on the hand dryers, that we are saving a tree by using this state of the art blower,I smile.

Yes, possibly they are, but they are sure using up the coal, gas or uranium to produce the electricity to run the blower. And that resource it not renewable. Try planting some BB’s and see if they sprout, no, of course not.Sad smile

Being GREEN makes some folk rich. I noticed Al Gore was worth about 2 million when he left office. Now he is heavier in weight and money at over $100 million. I bet he cries all the way to the bank about losing that election.

I don’t believe in wasting a natural resource. I believe we should respect our environment.  I wish the folks who push me not to cut a tree or kill a rabbit would ride a horse to their next ‘green’ rally, use corn cobs, and  eat only cabbage and beans to increase our natural resources.  Winking smile

Thanks for coming this way.

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Hypocrites are!  Because they do not practice what they  preach.  (MOST politicians fall into that category!)


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Sherry, in our first RV (homemade).

Towed by that 1960 Rambler.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nature does have it's way of replanting and of clearing out the dead wood too. One thing I saw a lot of when camping in the woods. There were always twigs and branches coming down when the wind was strong. We used them in our campfires. Once we even saw a huge tree come down. Thankfully it didn't fall anyplace that hurt anything or anybody. As long as the trees are replanted, we'll have a good lumber supply for years to come. Dreary old Monday here at my house. No sunshine to brighten the day at all. Hope you all have a great Monday.

Lucy said...

I could almost smell the wood as you spoke about it. That was our heat for our pot bellied stove and the kitchen range. The men would go cut trees and haul them home and pile them in the machine shed and then start cutting. They always had an axe stuck in a big fire wood tree. Mom would send me out to get wood for the range and I can remember the smell of the wood as I carried it and the roughness of it. Thanks for the memory, Jack.

shirl72 said...

Right Now I am upset about trees.
Crawford Tree Co. cut 2 trees and
said would pick up the large wood
Last Monday. They have told me
first thing in the morning 2 times
it is still out by the driveway

So right now does anybody want any
wood. It is free.

Anonymous said...

Even though you didn't switch, you learned something by opening yourself up. I think you still do that & I admire it. ~Mary

Chatty Crone said...

I have to agree! Have you seen GA - you can't see the forest for all the trees here. I do appreciate them though.

Paula said...

Yes we house wives like to hang our picture and such. Would be disappointing if the nail wouldn't go in.

Ken Riches said...

I agree that wood can be sustainable, but it still takes energy to cut, haul, process, and haul again to the stores. The whole process needs to be considered.

betty said...

Of course some green companies aren't making any money; at least the ones Obama gave money to. I think we should be careful with our resources but I do think they are there to use and if they can be re-generated, like in the case of trees growing, then it is a good thing to use them for their products they produce. And then on the flip side, we should recycle as much as we can.


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee....
Here's "Rambler Romney" himself!