Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sentimental stuff

I have every picture my grand kids drew , and pictures they colored for me. I have every letter written to me by special folk. I have many letters from a grand son, Corey. I just read some of them today. I also have letters I received from other family members. There was a letter from Friends Fred and Frances, when they lived in Nairobi, Kenya. It must be 25-30 years old.

I have received some great e-mails from the family, today I thought, I should have printed some of those . Then I ask myself, why? They only mean something to me, and I read them and got a warm feeling. If I get another good one, I might just print and file it.

I have had many e-mails from Carol, out in Utah, Jack Jr’s former wife. She is the mother of Corey and Ben. No divorces are fun, but at least we still can talk to the girls. Carol even entertained & fed our whole family for a few days a couple years back. I also found and read a letter from Corinne, the letter is over 20 yrs old. Telling us how much she loved us, she always called us mom & Dad, real sweet. We miss her.

Okay the reason for this thinking is Sherece, Our only grand daughter (of course is as sweet as sugar) wants her old toy box. In 1985 I built it. She told me the other day she wanted it for Stella, so naturally Grand pa is refinishing it.  I have engraved Stella’s name opposite her mom’s.  I left a space in the middle for Stella’s little boy, when she grows up and has one.  But by that time someone else will have to engrave his or her name, GGGrandpa will be pushing up daisies.

There is one special thing I have. A very small intricate personal pocket ‘tooth pick holder’ built by Benjamin and given to me. It is an amazing little trick.

I know you have mementoes from special people and times. Isn’t it nice to enjoy that little warm feeling by looking at the object and  remembering that  time.

You are probably too young to remember the song, “Memories are made of This!” by Dean Martin.  But I sure like it.

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Without memories, you have lost your past!


Scanoldpic8 009 - Copy

Sherry and our Classic Rambler 1959? The little fellow is Jack Jr.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoyed your memories today. I have many that I've been blessed with too. You've only to look around my house and see memories everywhere. I have saved way too much stuff and most is stored in the basement or the attic. I am probably the only one who wants all these things. Can't seem to give away any of it. Glad you can pass that toy box down. It'll be something that will get a lot use.

Rose said...

I have that CD from Dean Martin and I love that song!

I have a Time Capsule that I made about 10 years ago. I, too have saved every card my children ever made since grammar school and the ones they bought as adults.

I save a lot of sentimental stuff that only make me happy.

They say to open the Time Capsule in 20 years or so. Now that you mentioned it. I have not looked up in my closet in a long time to just look at the nicely decorated box that says: Time Capsule on it.

Tempted to take a look in it now after reading your blog today.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

DD said...

Hi Jack. Yes, I can relate to this entry. That is exactly the reason I call myself a pack rat. Add school papers, artwork and reports that your kids brought home to your list.
Again, don't sell yourself short. You may be carving that little gggrandchilds name on that special box. Take care, my best to you and Sherry.
PS: That is a nice picture of her and her happy baby.

shirl72 said...

I Like Ma I have a basement full
of everything. I guess it helps
to have sitting around. You don't
have to dust for security reasons.
If someone breaks in you can tell
everything they pick up.

I have good and bad memories but
the good have always out weighed the bad.


Anonymous said...

My Mom liked that Martin song. She kept loads of stuff in the attic, cellar, & in 2 hope chests.

The picture of Jack Jr. & Sherry gave me a big smile.~Mary

Paula said...

Mel made a toy box too and Barbie closets for each girl.

Ken Riches said...

I think keeping those letters is a great thing and reading them must bring you a lot of joy.

Chatty Crone said...

I remember that song so I guess you are calling me old!

Any how - I have lots of little momentous too - they mean nothing to anyone but me. They can be thrown out when I die - but for now they are staying with me.

betty said...

That is neat Jack that you saved everything from the grands; how neat to look back at them and remember. I have to be honest, I've saved a few things here and there but not everything, but enough.

How sweet with the toy box and refurbishing it for Shereece's little one! That will remain in the family I am sure for a long time and the story of you making it will continue on through all generations as part of your legacy!


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Romney's Rambler! George Romney sank Packard by refusing to complete the merger with Packard and Studebaker engineered by his predecessor, George Mason to pursue his vision with the Rambler. Romney's vision worked for American Motors - even if it was at the expense of Packard.