Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tennis shoes

Many folk my age still use the term Tennis shoes when seeing Reebok, New Balance, etc. All canvas (plastic/rubber) shoes are ‘Tennis Shoes’. My mind cannot imagine walking shoes, jogging shoes, running shoes and hiking shoes. Are they crazy? And then the price, wow.

When most shoes were leather for boys they were about $5 to $8 a pair, and tennis shoes were $2-$3 a pair. WHAT HAPPENED? Now I understand that kids play basketball in shoes that cost over a $100.

Lately I have seen kids wearing new shoes that look like the old ‘Keds’ tennis shoes. Are they making a come back?  Does that mean the 50 and 75 cent flip flops are coming back?

I am curious, do our feet smell better than they used to? Was it the tennis shoes? Some of mine would have opened closed sinuses.

In our travels we made it a mission to locate the spot in the desert where the Oatman massacre took place. In our search we read a lot. All but the two girls, about 4-12 yrs old. (One boy also survived he was assumed dead by the attackers). But the Indians ran, and forced the girls to run, over a hundred miles in a couple days. They did not have special shoes for running and walking!

I am sure foot doctors can explain why all these shoes are needed, well maybe to you, but I would never believe them. I wonder what shoes Roger Bannister wore when he broke the 4 minute mile in 1954? One thing for sure it wasn’t a New pair of Nike's.

We have two sons. As different as night and day. One could care less the manufacturer of his clothes, the other needs the ‘name brand’.

Me? I am like the Maxine joke Sherry tacked up in my office, Maxine says: “The only time I will wear a shirt that says Abercrombie, is if my name is Abercrombie.”  That is me.  I have been given hundreds of hats and several T shirts with some other company name on it, But I wore only something with my company name. I promoted Darnell’s Construction. LOL

But since I retired, I do wear Reeboks. And they smell better.Winking smile

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No one needs to be ‘verified’ by any brand or dog pedigree, you must know yourself, when you do, you will be verified and have your own pedigree.


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That is a ‘55 Rambler in the back ground. I took Sherry on her first camping trip in it I had sewed some muslin cloth to cover the back so it could be left open as you see it. We woke up the first morning after sleeping in it and two big bear prints were on the white paint just beside her head. And she still stayed there with me .(I think this is Sedalia, MO)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't need name brands, but I do need comfort. My feet have become very particular. It's hard to find a pair they like. It's funny how people have become addicted to names on their clothing. I can remember a time when I didn't know or care who made my clothing or my shoes. I just know that they were always clean and neat and to me that meant a lot.

It's chilly cloudy day here today. Hope your Thursday is a great one.

betty said...

I might have said this before, so forgive me if I did, but one think my mom was very particular about was good sturdy shoes for us; we might wear hand me downs but we had good shoes. Her reasoning was our feet needed to be protected since they carried the weight of our bodies (not that we were fat growing up, but you know what I mean). So I inherited that "gene" from her and our kids had good shoes; not always expensive name brand ones but good sturdy shoes. I tried to get a cheap pair once for myself to save money and my feet were miserable after two days, LOL :)

I'm not with name brands either for majority of things; why pay those ridiculous prices?

enjoy the day!


Elizabeth said...

I still say tennis shoes too!

Anonymous said...

Took me to the age of about 33 to wear sneakers. Once a pair of them was stolen from in front of our door, while they were drying.

Please have a good Friday you all.

shirl72 said...

I think I told you how many shoes
I have. My tennis shoes are RocSports & ProWalkers They are comfortsble, Also have a pair of Keds. My Naturalizers are the ones that Sherry and I do our 4 miles walk. I'm not a tennis shoe person. My friend calls them tennypumps.

Chatty Crone said...

Very funny! So far we are not in to many brand names. Maybe because we aren't into them. And now Andy wears a uniform and can't wear gym shoes. Uniforms are great.

Paula said...

Tennis shoes here, too old to change now. I think the price some women pay for those designer purses is crazy.

Y said...

What faith Sherry must have that she's ready to meet her maker whenever her maker is ready for her.

Unknown said...

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