Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ignorance in College

Prescript: I was 17 when I left the nest, Sherry 18. The question I asked but did not answer!

Blog entry:

I tried to follow some of the debates on TV using closed Caption. It was too hard to follow. But later I was reading a discussion with one of the undecided.

He stated:

“Gov. Romney talks about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA, I am not interested in a manufacturing job. I will soon graduate from college and expect to see more technical and higher paying jobs.”

I see we have lost all common sense. Whether it is President Obama or Mitt Romney who is in the White house, we need manufacturing jobs. The kid doesn’t realize, A shoe manufacturer brings in jobs for designers, technical problems to be solved by engineers.  Equipment to be designed for state of the art production. Worker Bee jobs. Truck drivers, sales personnel, janitors and more eateries. And that doesn’t count the engineer that designs the plant and workers who build it.

Re-energizing the Auto industry with state of the art equipment. Re-building the garment industry with textile mills.  All these places use phones, computers, vacuums, toilet paper carpet endless jobs flow from any industry.

 Somehow I don’t think this kid has a chance, but some visionary with enough incentives can create his own company, hi-tech or a modern Ice cream parlor.

There was a time Americans would work doing anything, to earn something for their families existence. My dad who was a brilliant man, did not mind sawing, chopping and stacking wood for meals for his family. Now, it seems,  some folk appear too good to pick oranges or dig peanuts. I have found in my life that there is no job that is demeaning. I can clean toilets and still have a smile on my face.  I have said ‘Yes sir’, to men I could work rings around in their job or mine. To support my family, I cannot think of a job too demeaning.

Anyway we need our jobs brought back into this country.  We have borrowed  so much that our kids kids will still be paying for our drunken spending parties.

Okay I quit. Thanks for putting up with my rants..

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Most everyone could do better if we had a chance to do it all again!  (we think)


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betty said...

So totally agree with you (again) Jack. We need JOBS! And its okay if there are low paying jobs out there too; people start in low paying jobs and they move their way up the chain as they get experience. People have been doing that system for years and it had worked. I agree we need manufacturing jobs and honestly, I would pay more for something if I knew it was made in America but it is getting harder and harder to find that item made in America. Lets hope we get a president elected who sees the value of creating jobs!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree! Not everyone can or even wants to go to college but everyone could have a good job. One thing I've seen here that works is our vocational school training young people to do jobs that don't need a college degree. Food Service is always a biggie. I know another that works on diesel engines that makes great money . It doesn't matter what you do, but if you enjoy what you are doing it is always good. All but two of my children got a college degree of one sort or the other, but those two have really done well. One went into the military and last I heard he was only one step away from a degree, but he has a great job now that he's retired from the military and I don't know if that degree would make a difference. The other worked hard at a DIY type store and now works for an internationally known company due to the experience he received. I'm proud of them all. They are all good workers at what ever they do and that makes all the difference in the world.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree too - I hope and pray that many people see this and understand it.

Louis la Vache said...

Rant away, Jack!
You know «Louis» agrees with you!

shirl72 said...

As our BIL would say, that kid
has first class ignorance. They
don't realize everything they
wear or use was once made in the USA. We need them back.. Everything has usually been handed to that age. Thats my story.

Helen said...

Ha! That kids must not know that a lot of collage graduates can not find jobs.