Sunday, October 21, 2012

Okay, What yanks your chain! What makes you HAPPY?

I think everyone who knows me, knows that getting out on the roads of the USA and enjoying life there, really sets me off. I love it. We have traveled over a million miles and I have never had a ‘bad trip’.

Clothes get to some folk.  Food does it for others. Just being with friends is great for some.

In my lifetime, jewelry was at one time mostly a female thing. That has changed over the years and now men are more attracted to jewelry. I read of one NFL team, during practice, that was looking for a team mates $10,000 diamond ear ring. Lots of men wear jewelry now. Jewelry seems to make a lot of folk happy.

Sherry has a new necklace. I love to see her wearing IT…….  That is when jewelry makes me happy! Winking smile

Cars? New ones don’t fascinate me, they have no tug to my happiness strings, BUT older cars? Yeah, I have to admit, They Yank MY Chain! I cannot understand the feeling I get seeing the 30’. 40’s & 50’s cars on the road.  It is sort of a love. Not for that particular car, but for an ERA when cars were art. I admit to that one too..

Pictures, Photo’s seem to drive some folks engines. I see some great shots from the Big ‘O’ girls from Wisconsin. I love the shots by Robert in Athens and those of the GATE and around, by Louis! I know photography is apart of their lives. I take pictures, but not for memories I could never compete.

Some folk are into sports, both participating and watching. During any sports season, some folks would never miss a game. Sherry’s family love sports one played professional, Butch Harris.

Scanoldpic6 014

Golf, I have friends who say, try it one time and you are hooked. That is not true, I tried it and had no problem not going back.

I like to fish, but I am not a FISHERMAN!

My life is simple now, I like to read, write, draw, paint, tinker, and travel. Of course there is always the occasional dinner date, and a night(?) of love, we are returning to the talking stage.

Nite Shipslog


When you are young, you can plan 10,20,30 years down the road. In your 70’s the range drops considerably.


scan2001-05 024

Then in the RV area, we went big time with this 38.5’ Overland. This was a great coach for 11 years, it became our home. I painted the front Bra just after 9-11 in San Antonio.


Colette and Sonny with Sherry. Our traveling buddies, at least two weeks every year until Sweet Colette passed on. Not a day goes by, that we do not think of them.


Dar said...

Normally, I'm just a happy gal~
what perks me up the most, of late, is just a simple slow drive back to the cabin. Start a fire in the potbelly stove, heat water for a hot cup of cocoa or coffee, and watch the deer, do some pencil sketches, play a game of cribbage with Bill or anyone willing, None of which has happened this past week as I'd hoped.
Other than that really personal stuff, the GrandLoves fit right in there too, along with their parents, of course, to visit.
As for when I left the 'nest,' I was 18 yrs. young.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One of the happiest things in my life is having my family around. the grandkids can make any bad day a good one. I got to sit with some of them at church this morning and that made me happy. This afternoon I'm babysitting for one of my grandsons and that makes me happy. Hope your Sunday is a happy one!

Sheila Y said...

You were in San Antonio the same time we were...where did you camp when you were there? We lived on the Sea World side of town. Oh and I was 23 when I left home...Daddy said I could come back one time...ha. Have a great week, Sheila

Ken Riches said...

I would say my wife, travel, and sports make me happy!

betty said...

You pretty much covered a lot of what makes people happy, Jack; it is neat you are able to do something you enjoy doing with the traveling; always an adventure on the road I would imagine!

a silly corgi puppy makes me happy a lot of times ;)

and of course spending time with those I love is another thing that makes me happy :)


Chatty Crone said...

Of course being a Christian - but after that my family. I love it when everything is going good and it is peaceful. Then when things are not peaceful - I am unhappy! I think I let my family have too much control!

Paula said...

Of course you know country roads make me happy. Also steak and salad but John is trying to wean me off that.

Fred Alton said...

Oh my goodness...If I told you what made me happy...

Things like what happened yesterday morning at church (H.G. message in tongues and interpretation) and then again last night as I was singing "I Know What You're Talking About" and I broke out into "a shout" (dancing in the Spirit). Then, to follow that up, after I went to bed just after 10 and slept all night until 5:20 this morning. Best night's sleep I've had in almost a year! Yep. That Yank's my Chain.

There are other things - but I'm in an unusually talkative mood this morning so I'll exercise some discipline and button my lip lest I become too lengthy!

Lucy said...

To have all rain water and house water do what it is supposed to do. Outside, do not enter house in any way, inside do not spring leaks, sinks, the water is supposed to go down when we pull the plug. We got it yesterday.