Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sherry and I have been married for a long time. Some things I can predict but not every thing. There are times I do not think deep enough to fully comprehend.

She has never been in a wedding except ours, BUT she is soon to be a part of one. Mary Ann has asked her.

Out of the blue sitting at Hardees she says I am going shopping.  She NEVER just goes shopping except for groceries. I am a very hip guy, “What do we need? (groceries he is thinking!)”

“Oh, Evelyn and I just decided to go shop for me A DRESS. Don will take you home.”! 

“Why do you need a dress?” (Am I sharp or what?)

“For the wedding!”

I didn’t say it, but why? You aren’t the one getting married! (I figured I would keep my mouth shut, smart, huh?)

She returned home with THREE DRESSES!  Is that legal?  When you say you are going after A DRESS, doesn’t that imply ONE!




“Yes, THREE Jack! You are taking me on a cruise aren’t you?”


Again I said nothing, (I learn slow, but I learn), but I thought, ‘what has the cruise got to do with three dresses?’


She knows I don’t care what she spends on clothes (as long as it doesn’t go over $30). She assured me it was all within range (I haven’t seen the receipts!).Surprised smile

Joking aside she picked some pretty dresses, I know she will look good in them, She always does. When we were younger she would model any new clothes for me. Wonder what has happened?

Oh well, Women!Winking smile

Thanks for coming this way!

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I think true happiness only comes to those who know themselves. I believe also, that a loving person, must be careful  as they search for happiness.






I think this is a Dodge or Plymouth, early ‘60’s.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good for Sherry! Everyone deserves some shopping time just for them and a new dress is always wonderful! It seems I never wear a dress at all anymore, But I do have some in the closet that I wore just once for weddings. Having all my children married now, I think there are probably at least 7 of them...Probably never to be worn again, but I needed them and so does Sherry!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

shirl72 said...

If Sherry found some dresses and
they look decent with today's
styles I say buy them.

I think the car maybe in the 60's
Dodge. la Vache will let you
know the make and year.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they certainly are an adventure and life would be utterly boring without them.

Please have you all a good Thursday.

betty said...

I like your pictures of 3's, Jack! Good for Sherry being able to go shopping and come home with 3 dresses! Sometimes it is hard to find the right styles, sizes, etc., so I think she did great!!


Lucy said...

Sometimes the styles today are hard to choose from but I know Sherry has good taste. You are a typical man after all. YEA. I never wear a dress anymore and would not have one if I needed it. Gabby and her boy friend are not married yet. She was planning her wedding and ooopppsss a small thing is getting in the way. Ron is excited about it but disappointed that the baby will come before the wedding. Me, I volunteered to babysit while they got married. We all know that won't happen.

Chatty Crone said...

I tell you what - she can buy 3 or 10 and you wouldn't mind a bit! I know you.

Y said...

I guess it is a bit cramped in your RV for a model's runway.