Monday, October 29, 2012

Mama said…..

There would be days like this.  I thought about that when I read Mel’s blog. Seems like both the Mel’s I follow got hit with bad days.  ‘Honey I’m home’ is a city girl and ‘UpNorth with Mel’ is a country girl. I have noticed there are a bunch of tough folks from Wisconsin so it is for sure, you guys will bounce back.

My mama was known for her cooking, we entertained many visiting preachers and evangelists in my childhood. Up until the 1970’s they all stayed at our house while ministering at Dad’s church. Mama cooked for them, it was expected, and I never once in my life heard her complain. At times the children would give up their beds for visitors, no one got upset, that was the way it was. Most times there was only one bathroom.

Mama never gossiped  about folks, and was known for saying something nice about everyone.  I mentioned it before,  once my dad was upset at something another pastor had said. Mama, as always, knew how to soothe dad’s nerves. She mentioned that the preacher was a good man but was under a lot of pressure where he was.  Dad said, “Grace, you could find something good to say about the devil!”

Mama said, “Frank, he does work hard.”  They both burst out laughing. All was well, mama could do it.

Like most folk, they had it tough at times. food was scarce during the war, with the rationing. Mama had a knack of ‘making do’.  We never went hungry, she could make gravy and biscuits without milk. She could substitute naturally. Somehow she knew what would work just as well in a recipe.

After my birth mama never worked in the mill anymore. Evidently I was a handful?(or it was Shirl finally go to her!) Most women and mothers have NEVER received the accolades and praise they deserved.

Mama could even make wash day look like fun. Even back when clothes were boiled in the black pot. But when she got that wringer machine, and two tin tubs, wow. did it look like fun watching the clothes go thru the wringers. I loved the tub with bluing in it. I always thought the clothes would come out blue.

I hold women in the highest esteem. Not many of us men could stand up under the pressure of crying babies, cleaning & washing diapers, cooking three meals a day, cleaning house and it seems a hundred other things.

HOME MAKERS (Mama’s, wives and lovers) are the best! (of course we all know, I got the goodest one)

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Voting: My sister Kat went down the ballot, regardless of party, she voted for any woman running. Her rationale was, men have gotten us into this mess, only a woman can get us out. (Kat was a very smart person!)



1972 Ford long bed p/u.  These dudes are still work horses.


Chatty Crone said...

You are a very unusual man. I am sure you told your mother when she was alive too. I don't know why there is so many comparisons between men and women - as to who is best - we both are in our own way.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for all the accolades about women today. Your mama and your Sherry are two of the best...seems you have been surrounded by really great gals all your life. This is the 3rd day of rain and wind here. First we've been battered by a storm from the west and now we are to be battered by the big storm from the east and the winds are going to get worse they say. 3 more days of rain too. Already many without power over to our east. All those that are in the path of the storm are in my prayers too.

Lindie said...

I have done that, gone down the list and voted for the woman. I don't know if it did any good. As far as I can see, people go into politics to make a difference. But power corrupts almost all of them. I am feeling discouraged.

Paula said...

Yes your Sherry is the best. Good for Kat.

Dar said...

Your Mama reminds me so much of mine. Never a hurtful word, worked hard all her life, but glad she is realizing she needs a rest. The old wringer washer Was fun to use. I wonder~~~
hmm, just drifting into thought. Thanks for the encouraging words about us gals. You're a good man, Charlie Brown/Jack Darnell. When asked my occupation now, I always say Domestic Engineer...there are so many facets to such a position.

Had to catch up on my reading and gotta say, you are one talented furniture refinisher/decorator/patient Dad.

betty said...

I like how your mother always had something good to say about someone, that is a trait that more of us need these days I do believe! Honestly, I don't know how women of your mom's age and time and my grandmother who would have been similar in age did it without the modern conveniences we take for granted. My mom would tell stories about the ice man delivering the block of ice, the baking/cooking my grandmother could do without measuring flour or other ingredients, she just knew by feel how much to add, the chickens she killed/prepared to eat among so many other things. I'm glad I live the time I do :)

You do have a gem of a mother and a jewel of a wife!


Fred Alton said...

Jack, you're a great man and unusually good at bragging on others. Now we know where you acquired that - from the good women in your life! (Including Shirl). Smile. I love Chatty's comment tho...!

When I had read only a line or two I had begun to think maybe it was Mother's Day and I had forgotten? Smile again.

Louis la Vache said...

It's amazing how many of those older Ford pickups are still on the road. There's THOUSANDS of them just in Texas!