Monday, October 22, 2012

If you are old enough

You remember when you required reading glasses. I remember holding papers out to arms length to read them.  It takes awhile, but some of us give in to bi-focal’s because we get tired of taking out our glasses to read.

When I see an older person reach for the reading glasses, I think of my buddy Sonny. He NEVER gave in to bi-focal’s. Until his death, if he needed to read, out of his shirt pocket came the reading glasses.

Mary Green (Corinne’s mom) gave us a book entitled, “Getting Old Ain’t for Wimps”. That is true.

I smile when I hear someone say, I could hear if folks would not mumble. If I know the old geyser well enough, I will tell him, “Friend that means you are losing your hearing, better check on some hearing aids.” 

I recently lost some fillings from my teeth. I am sure the dentist who did the work figured I would be dead before they fell out. They lasted 50+ years. The internet is a wonderful thing. I downloaded the forms I will need to fill out as a new patient, I am amazed at the questions. I am thankful I do not have any medications to list.

One of the standard questions to old folk is any joint replacements. I put none. I want to say I replaced a couple joints (clubs and bars) with more church, but that would be putting the church as a joint. LOL

I just counted them, over 200 questions. If I consider a question as immaterial and I do not know the exact answer, I will guess or estimate. My girl will NEVER do that. I have had cataract surgery and a vasectomy, when? I am not sure so I make a good guess. WHO CARES when, if it is past 5 or 10 years.

Anyway I am old enough to know better than to try something's but sometimes  I do, and regret it. In my 50’s I got on a trampoline and jumped around, playing. Until this day, over 20 years, my shoulder joints HURT!

I Shoulda ‘KNOWED’ better!

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Be thankful you can read and enjoy life, I think often of the sobering inscription on a tombstone:

Friend, as you are I once was, As I am, YOU will be.



1919 Model T coupe. There was a time, this was NEW.


betty said...

LOL about the trampoline, Jack. I do know what you mean; there are some things we shouldn't try as we age. I know I'm not going to be a runner any more (not that I was much in my younger days) but running and me do not agree these days.

It is amazing how many questions one has to answer just to get in to see the doctor or dentist. They want to cover it all to make sure they know it all about a patient before they take care of them I guess.

May the day be a good one!


Louis la Vache said...

«Louis'» joint replacements (knee last January, ankle replacement pending) remind him of the Johnny Cash song about building a Cadillac One Piece At A Time

Sheila Y said...

That sad part, after you spend all that time filling it out, the doctor or dentist just glances over it...if that...ha. Maybe they read all of it later on when they're not as busy. I think I see some cooler weather on the horizon after this coming weekend.... :-) Love from up the road, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Close to forty, just got me some new ink.

And yes, wearing glasses and getting used to it, was a bit difficult. Please have a good Tuesday you all.

Anonymous said...

Jack there are no flies on you, still. I bet you are trying more than you tell us....every day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do remember when I got my first reading glasses. I was 45 then. Later on though I went to tri-focals. I have a spot for far away, a spot to look at my computer and a spot for reading. Lately though I've noticed some changes so it won't be long now till I have to spend the big bucks for new ones. We were blessed with a beautiful fall day here with temps in the mid 70's Hope your Monday is a great one

shirl72 said...

Don't think I would get on a trampoline I'm sure I would be in the ER. Yard work does me in at
this age. There come a time when
we much slow down and this is it.

Chatty Crone said...

I'd love to see you jump on a trampoline! Lol

You are right - these forms take forever - and have you EVER EVER seen a doctor go thru them?

Never. I think it is for legality if something happens and they will see if you listed it.

Paula said...

Gettin' in here late tonight just to say "HI" to you and Sherry.

Dar said...

I sure know age is creeping up on me, heck, it's a regular race lately, who can beat her down first. The glasses have been with me since Halloween when I was 9. I did not want to wear them, 4-eyes, the kids would call out. It hurt, so I thought I'd be a witch, wear them for the school halloween party and never took them off til recently. Now, I have to take them off to read close, or cut Bill's toenails, or pull a sliver.
The hearing is muffled for me too, as well as Bill. It actually gets funny what we do and do not hear between the two of us. We need those $30 hunting hearing aids, ya think?
Last, tho there is so much more, I was told I wear Mom jeans. Isn't that just rude? I rather like my flare bottomed, silver stitched fanny jeans. All that really matters is, I 'think' I caught Bill looking at my bum. Ha!

Jean said...

Good morning to you and Sherry, I didn't get up early I just haven't gone to bed. Lol. They told me when I had to get the cataracts in my eyes removed that I could pay $4,000.00 and get the contacts were I wouldn't have to use glasses to read. I can see good with out glasses, but need readers to read and use the computer. I have several pair around here, but most of the time when I need a pair I have to hunt them up. Lol. Take care. Jean